Sunday, 7 April 2013

Travel Diary: Day 7

The most beautiful beach I have ever been to since I was born,

 I'm a Seagull and I walk in style.

Just another captivating view

We walked under a 'little' apples. Wish I knew what trees they were. 

My grandma and I with the Giant Rose,

Roses in the ice cube and I did eat 'em. They were very fragrant and sweet. No wonder the bees love 'em. 

Day 7, Thursday

The journey to the beach seemed long, as I passed the different houses and took the different highways but it was worth it. 
When I reached the Scarborough Beach, it was chilly cold. 
Can't imagine that can you?
However I became my cousin's age (9) and ran before everyone, taking off my shoes and stomping into the sands that led me to the clear waters. 
The sand was white and dry, they didn't stick to your feet and there weren't any sharp objects to look out for. 
I was moved a little because a week before, I would have never thought to see such a beautiful sea. 
If you don't know me well, one of my faverite places is the beach. 
The sound of the waves crashing, my cousin and my relatives picking seashells, seagulls flying over me and some of them walking on the sands.
I couldn't help but just sit there and stare. 
I could here a distant shout from my grandma who was wrapped in her jacket asking me if I was cold. I just nodded 'No'.
I wished we could have stayed longer, however we went to another amazing place. 
We drove up into the hills and soon enough i saw sheeps and horses pass by me. 
Tall trees covered the sides of the road and when I looked out the window, i saw the town beneath the hill. 
We drove further in and eventually arrived at the Melleville rose nursery
We first visited this pond where we fed the Koi and ducks. There were so many of them. 
As my aunt and my grandaunt went around looking for roses to buy, I walked around looking at every rose they had there. It was beautiful and it was my first time looking at roses.
They were all blossomed fully and there were bees flying around them.
I then thought that my father would love this place. He was what I call a plant fanatic. 
If he was there, I wouldn't have to go home.
So as i went passed each flower, I took every picture of it too, to show it to my dad when I got back. 

I must say this day was my most favorite out of the rest of the days i was there. 
I wish I could go back to the beach again one day. 
And when i do, i wish to go back there with my loved ones. 

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