Sunday, 7 April 2013

Travel Diary: Day 6

Vietnam food for lunch. It was oily however I liked the biscuit looking prawn. 

A quiet Wednesday at Freemantle, Cappuccino Street.

Had gelato but forgot what flavor it was *facepalm*

A colorful Mexican Restaurant I passed by. 

Day 6, Wednesday
We went to visit a butcher in the morning after which I went to stroll around Cappuccino Street that is located at Freemantle. 
As it was a Wednesday, the streets were pretty empty and it was very quiet. 
This day was the day where I practically really relaxed walking into shops occasionally.
I walked into interesting stalls such as 'The Fairy Shop'. 
Kind of regret not taking a picture of that store. Even the cashier was dressed as a fairy and she was pretty and friendly. 
That night for dinner, we went to eat at a chinese restaurant that was located next to this store named "Singapore Hawker'.
I laughed for a few minutes while at the back of my head I silently missed my parent and wished that they were there to laugh with me as well. 

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