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So, I would like to start off by saying

Happy 8th Anniversary Tohoshinki ^^

Yes its their 8th anniversary this year and as a Cassiopeia i should dedicate today's post to this group.

Well, why do I like this group over all the many other groups that are out there in the Kpop world?

Basically it is because,
1. This was the group that introduced me to the K-pop world (next to big bang and Epik high, but I won't exactly call them 'pop' so..)
2. This group changed my mindset of being against K-pop music
3. They are the group I respect the most because they are able to speak/read Japanese fluently though they are koreans.
[They even do interviews without a translator, does their own Emcee in their shows in Japanese, even go on to japanese variety shows all over japan telling jokes too.]

I didn't get to know 'Dong Bang Shin Ki' but rather I got to know 'Tohoshinki' first.
I initially thought they were japanese because in 2006 they took the japanese music scene by storm.
In 2009 when I went to Japan (before I was a fan of them) they were plastered everywhere and when I was there I watched a TV program that explained how Tohoshinki was a korean band that was known as Dong Bang Shin Ki in Korea.

The song I fell in love with was 'Stand By You'. Like honestly that song is just beautiful yet the lyrics are so sad.
When I came back to Singapore, over the holidays my friend Ker who used to come to my house often then started introducing me more about dong bang shin ki and she eventually became my DBSK buddy.
We used to spazz and talk about them.
Everything was fine and fun until the news of JYJ suing SM came out.

My heart literally broke.
The fact that I will not see the 5 of them on stage again.
How they wont sing together anymore.
How JYJ couldn't appear on TV shows. Everything was just saddening.

But now, 4 years down the road. The lawsuit is over.
JYJ has just started their tour in Japan, performing successfully for 2 nights in Tokyo Dome
TVXQ or 'Homin' as I call them, are now currently on their 'Time' tour. They will be performing in the different Domes over Japan. And tonight they are playing in Saitama.

Its amazing how time passes and how situations are overcame.
Before the lawsuit, everyone knows TVXQ as the 5, gods of the east.
But now, people know of Tvxq and JYJ.

Many would know Yoochun as more of an actor probably more than a singer.
With acclaimed dramas such as 'Sungkyungkwan Scandal' and the recent 'Missing you'.
 He is not only a talented singer but an actor as well.

Many would see Junsu as a musical actor and soccer fanatics over the dolphin/kenyan like 'oyaji' he used to be.
From playing in all-star soccer team to performing in Mozart.Also releasing 2 solo albums in Japanese and English.

Most would know Jaejoong as the cat loving actor and composer over the 'mother' figure of the group.
Having starred recently in Dr Jin and trying his hands on a japanese drama 'Sunao Ni Narenakute'
(which i must say was good for a korean actor)
He and the rest of JYJ has done well over the past 4 years.

Yunho as always being the leader he always is. I'm sure he went through a lot of troubles, heck i think everyone of them suffered greatly from the situation they went through.
But yunho, he tried his hand on acting, musicals and now seen as a dance prodigy ( he sure is one heck of a dancer.)
Having done the musical version of 'goong' and his recent role in Queen of amibition he has surely become more
 'man' and matured. (Though in my mind his childish like antics
backstage in Japan concerts is still etched in my mind. )
Changmin. Our dearest (evil) maknae has definitely grown up.
He is now shining in variety shows from the 'moonlight prince'
(this variety show on books) to currently a host on
 'Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education'

Overall, though I am still sad how these 5 might never get to perform together again however I still belive that one day they would comeback even just for a day to sing together just for the fans that waited for a long time for them to come back together.
For now I am just contented of seeing all 5 of them doing so well.
Whether it is in acting, in musicals, as hosts on variety programmes and of course as singers.

These 5 guys are a talented group. To me they are the group that indefinably shines the most.
Their motivation and determination to overcome whatever problems that came their way  is something that brought them to where they are today

When they started out in Japan, alone and still not fluent in the language they still ventured out and studied their best. Earning top spots in the Oricon chart one after another.
I probably think this is the reason why the fan base in Japan is still strong.
They are highly looked upon and seen. Because honestly, to me. I feel that they were the ones that paved for the Korean musicians to enter so easily into the Japanese music scene now.
Not to mention,
It is not easy to fall from a setback and rise again.
But here they are rising up and rising higher.
Maybe that is why the are called the rising gods of the east.

Always Keep the Faith

*All photos are not mine. Credits go to rightful owners. 

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