Monday, 29 April 2013

Music Recommendations~~

Today I will introduce you to some korean music I listen to.

Ok I'm sure right now some of you would probably go
"OHHHMMYYYYGOOOSSSSHH are you serious? So you are one of those kpop crazy person too?"
Now hold up there.
Yes I like Korean music. (I used to hate them but you know what people say. The more you hate it, the more you start liking it)
Now please note that I said 'korean music' and not 'Kpop' because i dont only listen to kpop I listen to a wide variety of music, they just tend to be in korean.

So the first artist I would like to introduce is 'Ra.D'.
He is a korean R&B singer songwriter and he writes really touching songs that hits right into your heart.
I do not think he is active now however I got to learn about him through other artists.
The song 'mother' was what caught my attention and it is my most favorite song from him next to 'i'm in love'.
It would be hard for me to explain why i like it so, if you have the time do personally check out the song 'mother' in eng sub and you would kind of get why when I first hear it, it just hit it me so hard in the heart.

However, I'm posting 2 videos of a cover of his song.

This is a video of a participant from Superstar K. This video went 'viral' in korea in a way. As you can see many are tearing up as the participant sing. It is actually because the mother (the woman sitting down) of the soldier that was singing suffers from cancer and dont have much time to live. However because he is in the army, he dosen't have much time to spend with her. Honestly when I first watched it I literally cried. The way he sung it was just too moving.

This is the 2nd song that is my favorite from him.

I'm in love. He wrote this song to propose to his wife. The song is just really filled with soul and the lyrics are sweet too. Its one of those songs that I wish someone to sing for me. (I know what you are thinking...In my dreams right? rofl. )

The 2nd group I want to introduce is 'Geeks'

I heard this duo on the radio and like their version of the song 'officially missing you'. It is originally an English song by tamia. However this R&B style remixed version of it just caught my attention. Its a kind of song that you could listen to when you want something slow yet fast while drinking your morning coffee.

Geeks are made up by Louie and Lil boy.
They also did a remix from another popular indie group 'Urban Zapka'. The song is 'Caffe Latte' and you should totally check out the original version of the song and the remix.

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