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BayBeats 2013 -Last day but better late then never!!

Walking from the underpass from cityhall, even before we went up to the floor where the chillout stage was located we could hear the music from the artist that was playing the song.
I was as excited as a child who was getting her candy.
I couldn't believe it!
I finally could attend Baybeats!
After 3 years of waiting, I finally found a friend to go with (My wifey cheryl, thank you so much for going to the event with me)  and overcame my parents to attend it!
(Yes my parents are pretty strict and anal about the time I should go home but these days they are letting me out when I want to and I appreciate this freedom a lot...going back to the post...)
If you are not sure what baybeats, here is a summary.

An overview of all the 3 stages.
Top left : Powerhouse, Bottom left:Arena
Right: Chillout Stage 

Baybeats is one of the biggest music festival of its kind in singapore AND the region that stretches over 3 days. Pop, indie,metal,punk,folk you name it its there. There are 3 stages Arena(Outdoor Theatre), Powerhouse and Chillout Stage(Concourse). It started in 2002 and is organized by Esplanade.
Best thing about this event apart from the fact that the music genre varies? It is free with no strings attached.. Also if you are interested in local music there were booths that sold EPs from local bands and basically its heaven for those who just wanna listen to some music.

I'm not familiar with the current local music scene (except electrico..more about this later).
 Or rather I don't know anything about the music scene cuz I rarely go out my comfort zone to watch them play and I guess thats the great thing about baybeats its a huge event to just chill to all the different music there and realise 'hey there's actually some great local bands out there other then the ones that are on the radio!'.

View of the laser show 
So moving on with my experience...

The pinholes was the first group we passed by as we made our way to the arena stage.
We stuck around for one song and decided to proceed on as my friend wanted to the other stages that were outside. Once we walked out of the esplande,  music greeted us. 7nightsatsea was playing at the Arena and their not bad but I only got to hear one song sadly, guess I went too late.
After that we walked over to powerhouse and caught about 2 songs from Dyeth before my friend,Cheryl, told me she couldnt take the music (Cuz it was super loud I guess I can say they are more to the metal side?  but I personally enjoyed was rocking, wish I stayed to see the moshpit though, I may never want to partake in it but watching it is just so fun!!)

We then went to watch this band from indonesia called "L'Alphalpha" before catching the band my friend was looking forward to. Busco.
From the introduction of the emcee, I heard that they were inspired by the band 'Switchfoot' and they definately had the 'switchfoot' element there. Enjoyed the performance next to my spazzing friend who became very interested in their music after she checked them out on youtube. And yes their last song totally won me over. I just wished I could hear the singer's voice clearly. Is it just me or does Singapore like their stages to have the background music over the singers? Anyways their last song was 'Hold your horses' if I'm not wrong and I loved the part whereby they inserted the snippet from 'bittersweet symphony'. The drummer was good in trying to get the crowd going but the crowd was just kinda quiet and though I wanted to be all hyper it was kinda awkward. Enjoyed their music though!

After that we both just sat at the bench watchin the laser show (which was entertaining) as we waited to catch electrico. But then powerhouse started another gig and it was from this local band called 'A vacant affair'. Before they started, many people started crowding around the stage as I was interested my friend and I then went over to watch. Boy was I blown away!! Totally fell in love with their songs!!
It was really not bad!! Didnt get to hear the tittle of the songs but I liked 'mirrors' and 'we are not the same.
I wished I could stay longer but we eventually went to catch electrico.

Now before you go ape-shit on me saying why did I abandon 'A vacant affair' for electrico.
Simple, I've been a small fan of electrico since I was young. They are the first local group I've heard next to pug jelly (which was my most fave then). The first song I heard was 'I want you' and though I didnt really like it the first time I heard it, eventually over the years I started liking it and I was super elated when they got to perform for National day!
So yes, I was excited to see them and my friend managed to find us seats at the side.
I couldn't contain the kid in me as I watched them do some soundchecks.


But then during the soundchecks I saw someone that was familiar but yet it slipped off my I was thinking of who he was, the emcee came up and introduced electrico!
The crowd was huge!! They played some of the songs that they were currently working on and told the audience to say "yeehaw" if we approved of it and yes it was nice to here that they are currently working on new songs! As they were no tittle they introduced the song by their track numbers. I liked track 11 (if my memory did not fail me)...ALSO they played love in new wave!! Omg I was totally in my own world when they played it.

Then came the surprise! Mas (Got his name wrong many times on different platforms..feel so bad..cuz I only hear his name and didnt really exactly google for it)  the ex-guitarist for pug jelly and now the dirt radicals , he's also the vocalist/guitar for nothing to declare so many things he is now, but anyways he was on stage with electrico!! Whooooaaa...He looked really different from the last time I saw him (which was many many years back on Lime magazine that has since stopped publications in around '07 so imagine the years I have not seen their faces)
He played really awesomely!! (yeah thats a word)

In conclusion I just really really enjoyed myself and honestly if you havent,
attend baybeats next year and just enjoy yourself.
If you think you will be out of place its okay! Just chill!
Music has no boundaries and its meant to be explored!

Alright then till my next post!!


p.s Check out my friend's post on her take on baybeats if your interested at !!!
 (she has more clearer pictures then me cuz she brought her cam along)

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