Sunday, 28 July 2013

Songs currently on replay

Hey all!
Decided to put up another post!! 
And today I shall post up some songs that I have been frequently listening to. 

Some disclaimer is that for some songs/bands, you might want to turn the volume down a bit. 

1. Issues 
I got really hooked to this band a few months back when I happened to read about them on an issue of Rocksound which I got when I was in Aussie.
Since then, I have been hooked to their songs. The worse of them, Princeton Avenue (My most fave), King of Amarillo and Hooligans.
Totally recommend this band to anyone who can take post-hardcore music. I think they fall under that category..I'm not good with music genres. Sorry~

2. Avenged Sevenfold
Yes! Avenged Sevenfold is coming back with a new album that is dropping by on 27/08/2013
As fans of A7X may know of The Rev (R.I.P. He was one hell of a drummer),
the song so far away really tugged on my heart. Especially the end when there were videos of The Rev just being himself. He was really gone too soon.
But that aside, their new song "Hail the King" is power-packed A7X style and synyster gate's guitar solo is awesome as always. Its worth a listen!

3. Survive The Prophet
I just got to know about them a few days back and whoo, they are on my replay list now.
They are a japanese band however sings in english and I must say this song, 3AM
makes me wonder if they were drunk when they sung it. But still like it though.

4. The Summer State
So The Summer State is actually a local band and if you hear this song and think why is it so familiar,
well 98.7fm has been playing this song for a while. Also, just a small little heads up, they will be playing at this year's Ignite so do come by RP on the 24th of august if you love 'em!

5. Xia Junsu
Yes! Yes! Yes! Xia is back with a new album!! And this song, 'incredible' is my most fave from the whole album. It is a very lively song as compared to the ones from his last album so I'm very happy. This song just makes Junsu who he really is. Also all those dance moves and hip thrusting in the music video can just drive me crazy.

The last song I want to share would be the newest single from Infinite. Destiny. Now I have a lot of mixed feelings towards this song. I mean I love the song but the dance, I feel it looks nice only when its live. But the music video is pretty ambitious, considering the fact that they shot it in the states and the scenes featured background from popular movies such as 'Transformers' and 'Inception'.

Alright then, I shall post again when I have the time.


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