Monday, 6 May 2013

Truckloads of Birthday wishes and What I have been up to.

A machine that we used to use to pay our bus fees
before it was changed to the 'tapping' version we currently use.
As a child. I loved to take the tickets that came out from that slot. 

The one who's sick
The one who's lost her voice on and off
The one who's finally going to get a good rest tommorow

I apologize for not blogging for many days but I have been on a tight schedule the whole of last week and the week before.
Basically I am helping out to co-ordinate an event and I fell sick (yes of all times, I fall sick now)
I haven't been getting enough sleep because I'm so busy and I didnt even get to rest on the weekends.

I feel sad because I couldn't celebrate my friend's birthday because of this stupid flu of mine.
My mom went all ninja on me when I asked her if I could eat dinner outside because I want to celebrate my friend's birthday with my buddies.
But anyways,

Happy Birthday to my dearest wifey Cheryl~~
She is a really sweet girl who puts herself before others. So a message to her is that she should pamper herself more this year and have a splendid year of being 19 doing reckless (minus the dangerous stuff) things before she turns 20 next year ^^
She has always took care of me when I was in her class the last 2 semester so I really appreciate whatever she has done for me. She is like the mother of the lamas but she is my hubby because she took care of me too well (and we made a promise to marry each other if the world ends because its too sad to die a single..haha its a joke though but the term wifey kinda stuck on so..haha)

Also a Happy birthday to my Boss, Ah-minq.
Her birthday was yesterday and she has been an awesome morning buddy. We always go school together in the morning and talk on skype randomly when we have the time and its awesome to talk to her because she has such amazing and hiliarous stories to tell each time we meet and talk.
My wish for her is to be more open and make more friends! You should talk to your classmates more and mingle with them. It was great to see you hanging out with your classmates last sem because I know for her it is hard to do so. She is the quiet type so, boss! be more outspoken!

Then lastly, a Happy birthday to my primary school buddy, Cheryl Yewwwww~~
Her birthday was yesterday as well, but I'm not sure if she saw my wishes but anyways, I wish you all the best in everything you do and also. dont ever feel that you are alone. I feel so happy when I see you on instagram with your friends because I know that now you are not lost but you have a sense of belonging and your friends will always be there for you. And smile more! Because you look the most beautiful when you smile. I'll be sending you a letter soon by the way~~

A picture I took one night on my way home from work. 

So yeah that wraps up the birthday wishes I wanted to say.
What else have I been doing?
Oh yeah Work.

Taken at the 'expo' event we had over the weekends.
 If you are interested do come and join the tech tour.
We will have it on the race day itself too.
For more info check it out here:

Well basically I am just helping out at the booth of one of the sponsors so if you know who I am and is going to participate in the TriFactor swim event this coming sunday do stop by and say hi to me.
So to prepare for the event, I have been making trips down to their office after school and worked till about 7 or 8 before going home. So for the whole of last week, I reached home normally about 9-9.30 and have my dinner/shower close to 10 - 10.30. Its been mentally and physically exhausting.

However I like my job though its tiring and my colleagues are awesome people. (since I've known them for a few years beforehand) So working becomes less tiring when you are around awesome people.

Alright then, hopefully I am able to blog more often as time to come

Cheers :)

A group picture of our small after school celebration
with the Lamas and my sem 1/sem2 buddies for wifey. 


  1. HI BOSS!

    thanks for your wishes! :) i will definitely try my best to be more outspoken anddddd talkative till no body can tahan! hahaha *tries to imagine that

    anyway, do take care of your health cause i miss going to school with ya!

    signing off
    with my precious love ♥.

    your boss.

    1. Haha~~ Hope you liked the present boss!! and thank you for love keke..