Thursday, 23 May 2013


The one who's on holiday 
The one who has to go to work in 2 hours
The one who's thinking what to eat for lunch

Hey all!!
Just a quick lil post before I go out to work. 
(yes work on the 1st day of study break) 
Actually its a good thing I'm working because...
Its near to where I want to go tonight!

If you are a huge music fan,
I think you would know that Music Matters started yesterday!
The free concert that has been going on for the 4th year now
featuring a mixture of underground bands and bands that are known. 

The list of performers for the next 2 days can be found here 

I probably will head down tonight because Flumpool is performing.
I am considering whether I should go tomorrow as well because 
alot more artists are performing. 

Anyways if I do succeed in going I will post up some pictures here 

Hope you guys have an awesome day ahead, 
to my singaporean readers its vesak day tomorrow!
So a few more hours to a long weekend!! 

Cheers :)

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