Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Another adventure to the museum.

Today marked the last day of school and into our study break.
And it was also the day we went to visit the National Museum of Singapore.
Located next to SMU, it was an hour long journey to reach there from my school.

Many people would think that museums are boring and tend to have little interest in them.
However to me I think we must at least once visit the museum to look back on how different things are.
From then and now. Aren't we all curious?
Furthermore, its a pretty quiet place hence you can think a lot when you are there.
Though the 'Living Galleries' in the museum will barely be changed,
there will always be a special exhibit at the basement worth going.

This is my 2nd time visiting this museum with the school and I must say every journey there
has been fun.
It made me discover new things and it is nice to read the descriptions of how things were like in the past.
This time, the special exhibition I went to was 'Being Together -Family & Portraits-Photography with John Clang.
This is one of the most emotional exhibit I have been to next to the one I went at the Changi memorial museum.
It displays family portraits in a whole different way.
If you have a family working overseas, married to a person of a different race that resulted you to shift away from home  or  have gone overseas to study, I'm sure you can relate to these photographs.

There were walls of 'family portraits' that was depicted in a new technological way.
By using skype, an image of the family in Singapore was projected onto a white wall and the family away from home filled the empty spot.
As I walked down the line looking through each pictures I couldnt help but to tear up and find a dark corner (which was pretty easy because the hall is pretty dark) to wipe my tears.
There was a video of a family chatting through skype and how they are updated across this portal.
Emotions really rushed through me then because I used to do this with my maternal grandparents and my cousins, uncle and aunt.
Then, technology was not as good as it was today. Our skype frequently got cut because of our small server but we always tried our best to connect and talk to each other.
Occasionally, as my grandmother and I talked, my youngest cousin there would pop up and talk to me.
How I miss him so much and how i missed my grandparents as well.
As days grew longer and my major exams came, we did not frequently video call as we did before and soon after death came knocking on their doors.

As I starred at a picture of a family with mixed parents in that family portrait i thought, will that young girl feel how i feel? Will she feel sad and lost because as much you want to meet your other family it is so hard.
Unless you are wealthy, you can't see your grandparents that you are far from even if you want to. This is why I am always envious of my other friends and wonder why they don't visit their grandparents often when they are just around the corner.
I too wish that I had taken such family portrait with my maternal family before things went wrong and before they left.

Overall this exhibit really moved me and made me think of what i could have done and how family is indeed important. No matter how much we quarrel, fight or yell at each other they are our safety nets, our home.
You may travel far away from them but one day you will turn back and think why did I do that? How is everyone doing? What is happening? If you think that you will be connected because there is such a thing as internet, it is not. There will be days when you will get so busy that you will push the thoughts of contacting your family away because you are too tired and you have many other things to complete.

I guess this was an eye-opener and I encourage anyone who has the time to go take a look at the exhibit because as every exhibits there, each artifact means differently to different people.

Living Galleries Exhibit:Film
Showcasing movies when films
were in black and white

Exhibit titled : Erasure 

Living Galleries:Fashion
Living Galleries Exhibit: Film
Posters of films there used
 to be shown in the past. 

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