Friday, 17 May 2013

Music Fridays: Live Performances

So I have decided,
that maybe it would be nice to have a little corner on fridays to showcase 
the music I've found over the week or some awesome stuffs I've found on the web. 
I mean cuz its 10 times better then reading about my day isn't it? 
(I can see some people nodding their heads) 

For this week, I'll be sharing with you guys my fave Live performances so far :D
Some I have found over the past week and some I have been watching since I found a few weeks back.

In my effective presentation skills class, my facilitator told us to use the space you have to engage your audience and this performance pretty much used their "space".
From the normal stage on the ground, they brought it up.
Really love this performance because its different and like the song their lives are so upbeat that it makes you want to jump up with them.

This was the first acoustic version of "my songs know what you did in the dark" I came across
and I found myself going back just to listen to patrick's voice. Love this acoustic version and it makes
the song more unique then it already is.

If you read my past posts, I'm sure you remember me linking this video and here I am putting it up here again. I am just in awe on how he managed to make such an upbeat song becoming soothing like it is portrayed here. Foxes's vocal are amazing as well and she can really pull off this song without any auto-tune what-so-ever.

The script is another amazing band I love and this song was what made The script big. This live version of "The man who can't be moved" gave me goosebumps. When the audience started to sing the first part,
ho my gosh I felt amazed. I'm always amazed and enjoy the audience singing to the band. Its also something I personally experience but, though we all, the audience sing in different tones or shout the lyrics, we somehow all harmonize and it just sounds amazing.

The last video would be from paramore. Beautiful Hayley will stay beautiful. Though she has grown from her "misery business" days her/their performances are something that will never change. Energetic, powerful and electrifying. Though their songs are changing to be more upbeat they still carry out a show "paramore style" and I love it. Still into you is very different from the songs they make and the first time I heard I was like "mehh" but now its kind of addictive. The lyrics are nice and the beats of the song is just cute in a way that makes you feel like your really into someone.

So that was my music friday videos.
I hope you enjoy these performances as I do and do drop me a message if you enjoyed it ;D

Have an awesome weekend cuz I definitely will.
I'm going to be watching Star Trek:into the darkness with my 'awesome' buddies on Saturday.


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