Friday, 10 May 2013

Opening up my closet...Literally.

Greetings from the author's brother. Woof!! 

The one who's happy that its a Friday
The one who finally didn't have to go to work
The one who then realized that on Sunday, she has to report to work at am.

Hey ya'll!!

Before I even start babbling about my life please do check out this blog my friend had recently created.
This friend of mine is just a beginner at blogging but we all start somewhere don't we?
The blog specifies on fashion so all you fashionista readers out there (if there are any)
Please check it out! My friend will be posting regularly as well so check 'em out yeah!?

Well since we are on the topic of fashion, 
I though maybe it would be nice to talk about my fashion.. 
Well, honestly speaking theres nothing much to talk about the way i dress because I live by these rule. 

1) Comfort over style
2) Suit what you wear with the weather if you don't want to suffer.
3) Checkered shirts are a must. 

In conclusion my friends have came up with a name for my type of style. 
Hobo fashion. 
and i love it cuz it totally suits me. 
So rather then saying this is a fashion post, 
I would say that this is a closet post. 

Okay it is a bit messy but i can live with it. 
Its kind of crammed but what i wear daily to school and when I go out is all there. 
I have a lot of long sleeved shirts & checkered shirts because I tend to wear it as an overall. 
This is what i normally wear when I need to go somewhere or for a dinner. 
To me wear a shirt over a singlet, pair it with jeans is so called 'hobo-formal wear'. 
But i pull it off well so I tend to stick with it. 

Items I can't live without. 

1) Jeans. 
My amazing collection of jeans. Jeans are the only thing I actually wear out ( other then on weekends. On weekends, I have recently started to wear shorts because I feel that my leg needs to breathe on some days). In the past I disliked exposing my legs because I felt that they were ugly and that habit eventually got stuck to me. However now I have moved from baggy jeans to a more "smart cut" type of jeans (not exactly skinny jeans legs arents skinny) as I have gained more confidence in them. 

2) Cardigans
I built this love for cardigans when I saw how Park Yoochun pulled it off just by wearing a plain white shirt, Cardigan and jeans.I was impressed by that and wanted to imitate it because it was such a smart look.
Also, I study in an air-conditioned environment so a form of cover  to fight the sudden cold is a must. Cardigans are light to bring around and its material is just nice to keep me warm throughout the lessons. 

3) Checkered shirts. 
I'm a checkered shirt fanatic..I'm not kidding. I have a total of 8 checkered shirts. I am not sure when this craze of mine started but before I knew it, I was buying one checkered shirt after another and I ain't stopping ><"  

4) T-shirts
T-shirts are definitely a must-have item for me because they are easy to wear and in Singapore when it is summer 365 days, it is nice to dress with the least amount of clothes as possible. Since I have nothing to flaunt, T-shirts are the best item to wear in this hot and humid weather. 

The shirts I normally wear

My collection of Checkered Shirts

The 'Band' shirts I own. I have a lot more
 but i'm lazy to drag them out.

My favorite hoodie. I always bring it with me
when I go overseas. 

My current favorite tank top purchased
 from Jay Jays

So now that I have introduced about the contents in my closet,
To those of you reading this post and owns a blog, 
I TAG no...I DARE you to show the world your closet. 
Pick out your 'must have' item (show how much of it you have) 
your favorite item, any special part you'd like to show and basically introduce how you dress yourself. 
Who knows, we may be able to learn from each other 
[though maybe you should not learn from me cuz..yeah..Im a hobo fashionista.Fun fact, nothing really pops out when you try and find 'hobo-fashion' on tumblr. I was a bit sad. ]
Do tell me if you take up this challenge because my friends always tell me I need to change the way I dress. 

So anyways, 
now you know a little bit more about me through the things I wear. 
Basically I'm a very simple dresser and put little effort in it, 
however I am slowly learning from my friends and adding a little bit more femininity in it. 

Well then, 
I'm done for today. 


P.s I am giving away this cool cool cropped sweater away. If you are interested please tweet me or e-mail me. It has never been worn before.( lets just say I'm hulk and just by one look its impossible for me to fit in). Its a giveaway so it is entirely free. Once again hit me up if your interested!

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