Saturday, 23 November 2013

insane friday night

Hey all!!
What a tiring yet insane day I had yesterday!!!
It had a balance of both good and bad but was just really insane

So it started off with me being super sleep because though I slept at around 2 or 3am that morning, I had to get up for school at 6am because my team and I were doing this project for my school's module. (I've been super busy this entire week and probably will be next week as well)

So I reached school at 7.30am did this event/project till 8.30am just in time for breakfast and class which started at 9.15am.
My mind was totally not in class as all I was thinking was the concert I was going to go to...yes...I went to a concert..

Whos you may ask..
Its no other then...ONE OK ROCK!!!
Yes!!! They performed again last night!!!
So, i left school at 12am and met vernice, my OOR buddy before heading to harbourfront. We then bought our concert needs (water and snacks def.) before walking over to sentosa to queue for the concert.
I was quite happy because we managed to queue in the first section though we reached at 2pm however it was suppppeerrr hot!!! I honestly couldnt even stop sweating for over an hour...

I would probably write my concert experience at my other blog that is dedicated for OOR (
But omg I was so close to them!!! And I think (no I believe I did) made eye contact with taka and my fave drummer tomoya. I was soooooo happy and I honestly couldnt take my eyes of everyone was following where taka went but there I was just staring at tomoya like some starstruck girl...
But yes I jumped (tried), fistpumped and screamed like no tmrw.
I really had an insane time and I was never so upfront before so...
One Ok Rock keeps breaking all my 'firsts' when it comes to concerts....they were the first japanese concert I atteneded and now, they are the first band i ever stood so close to..
Photo credit: Vernice for taking this..
My favorite passionate drummer, Tomoya
i totally forgot about taking pictures until almost the near end 

I honestly had so much fun that I am currently suffering from post-concert syndrome..lolz.. I just wished that I met them honestly, I want to just tell tomoya how insanely awesome is was at the drums, tell taka his screaming was just over the top, how sexy ryota was just coming onto stage shirtless and for how sleek toru was with his hair and guitar skills...Madness..

They said that they would come again, but here I am thinking if I would go again..and maybe I would..because now, I want to stand in the first row and I want to write to them messages too.

What's sad is that I had so much fun that I don't know how to write my review for the was supposed to be easy for me yet here I am struggling to put what I saw into words...le sigh...

Okay I guess that is all ^^


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