Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Floating fun

So hey guys!! 
Just like my last post I felt like posting up the pictures I took in class 
and just bear in mind, in more posts to come 
Most pictures would probably be from my Photography class. 
So last week was on Motion blur/Freezing. 
It was by far one lesson I had fun in as it allowed me to explore the camera features more in depth. 
Also isnt it cool how you can freeze things with just a camera?! 

On other updates , my most listened song last week was 
Kill Paris- I do love you [Dubstep]
Cinema Staff - Great Escape [OST for SNK]

I guess thats all for today!! 
Have an awesome week ahead!!

I enjoyed more of the pictures that Julz, my classmate and team buddy took for me. 
Went through loads of trouble to get these shots but I like em so much and more then my own haha..

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