Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Of being sick and Drama babblings.

The one that looked after me sternly...Mr Batman!! 

The one who woke up with a headache
The one who feels too lazy to go back to school
The one who's dealing with her inner self again.

So yeah, I have been enjoying my 2 days off on MC.
Who am I kidding. I'm not enjoying it at all..
Coughing so hard that I feel that my throat's gonna come out.
Sneezing occasionally that gives me a headache
and I have a nose that I wish had a off button so that I can breathe.

Being sick is never a good thing  (nor is it a good scene),
 however sometimes I'm glad that I am sick because
 only when I am sick can I truly rest my body and have a break.

Due to the fact that I spent half the day yesterday queuing to see a doctor at the polyclinic
[which I must say was a horrid decision, now I know why that is not the place to go to if you are truly sick.
Not gonna go too deep and rage about it because I'm really too sick to even be angry]
My mum allowed me to rest another day today.
(Without MC too..there goes my B grade for Cross-culture)

So I spent the entire day yesterday sleeping after drinking the medicine ( I didnt think the medicine they give would be THAT effective honestly)
And today I spent my morning watching 'Flower Boy next door'

'Flower boy next door' is a typical romance drama.
If only life can be like the dramas; I might actually be more outgoing and have a chance to be attached with someone rather than my bed.

There are many times I watch a drama and go
"Oh seriously!?! Like really? I mean who would fall and end up kissing the person on the lips then fall in love and they end up together..COME ON! That will never happen in reality"
However no matter how ridiculous these dramas are,
I still end up watching them till the end even if it means sleeping at 4am in the morning with swollen eyes.
[People who knows me know that I rarely cry but seriously, in the comfort of my own room I cry like a baby when I watch dramas]

Some dramas I would recommend are

1. Rooftop Prince
[A romantic/comedic drama that will leave you in stitches and go "awww" then cry at the end because of all the sadness and betrayals.]

2. Missing You
[This drama is by really BY FAR the saddest drama I have ever watched in my life. As I watched this drama on the same week it was released, I found myself crying boxes of tissue every Saturday night. It has a heart-wrenching  yet a really well-written plot. If you are looking for an excuse to cry, this drama is definitely for you. I would say that this drama is my most favorite for 2012]

3. Vampire Prosecutor 1 & 2
[Another drama that I felt was amazingly written and produced. From the action scenes to the different stories in every episode is interesting and not to mention how handsome Mr 'vampire prosecutor' is. I used to watch this in real time too so every week, I was really excited for the episodes to come out]

4. Tokyo Airport
[This drama is not in korean as you can see by the tittle. The drama is based in Haneda airport, an airport in Japan and shows about the daily happenings in the control tower. It is something that one can rarely experience therefore the drama was a real eyeopener for me. I remember watching this drama in one sitting during one of the modules I didnt like last sem (*cough*Marketing *cough*)

5. Strawberry Nights
[An exhilarating dramas that always features brutal murder scenes, so don't watch it over lunch or dinner. I love this drama because of the personality of the lead and the way they solve it every episode is interesting. It makes you want to watch it in one shot]

There are many other old dramas that I love and if you are interested here are the tittles.
Personal Preference, Spy Myung Wol, Bridal Mask Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, Heartstrings,Sungkyungkwan Scandal, Reply 1997 ( this is highly recommended as well), The 3rd hospital

 Sprout, Priceless, Hero (this is my ALL time faverite, its super old and I've watched it like 10times but i never get bored of it),Voice, Buzzer Beat, Densha Otoko,Code Blue, Jin

As for those who ask me, so since you've watched so much, you must be sick of watching dramas already.
My answer to that is NO.
I will never get sick of dramas because it is like the only thing I look forward to after a long day (especially if its a drama with my faverite actor and a good plot)
I guess no matter how unrealistic dramas may be, it is the only thing that can help me disconnect with the real world. I feel the most relaxed and just really be myself when I watch dramas.

So what dramas am I going to watch these days? Well I've already watched one that I wanted to, which was flower boy next door. The next are these few

-Iris 2
-Galileo 2
-Level 7 Civil Servant
-Kekkon Dekinai Otoko (The man who can't get married)
-karamonov no kyodai

Sigh, but my schedules are getting busy these days so hopefully I do get to watch them...

Ok it was a long post today so..


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