Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Happy birthday to ma dad~~

Birthdays are days to put aside your differences. 
A day to congratulate others for growing a year older. 
A day to celebrate the joy of life. 

I celebrated my mother's birthday a few weeks back and today, 
I'm celebrating my dearest father's. 

Many who knows me know that I'm never on good terms with my father. 
We are always head-butting each other on our different views towards one subject.
Politics, studies, friends you name it he can oppose it. 
However these days he gives me more freedom so I feel that our 'fights' on my rights to freedom is getting lesser. 
When I was young he was the one controlling what time I should go back and stuffs like that. 

I know he does it because he loves me and he just cant see me growing up away from him. 
My dad and I are closer than many would think. 
I used to follow him to send deliveries so my holidays in primary to secondary (till i was 16). 
So we used to talk about things. However I don/t know why we just have so many differences and I cant talk to him as easily as I do to my mum. 

But that does not mean I do not love him. 
I love my dad. I love him for raising me. I love him for everything he has done for me. 
And I will understand whatever he goes through (no matter hw ridiculous or scary it is)
I know I can never have a greater father then him. 

He may be quiet, he may be stubborn, he may be distant, he may not be able to express himself well. But he is still my father and for that I will put down everything I have against him. 
Because no matter how much I fight, or were to even go against him 
He is still my father. That will never change. 
And I love him for who he is. In my books, as I had said before he is the best father in my eyes. 

So to my dearest dad (though he would never see this post because if he does, i will totally freak out and shut this blog down)
I love you and Happy Birthday. 
To everyone out there, 
We may always have problems with our fathers, but they ARE our fathers. 
So love them as you should, cuz we are all they have. Son or Daughters. 
Deep inside they love us as much as we love them. 

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