Sunday, 20 October 2013

Goodbye Holidays and Hello to a new term

Hey all!!!
Well, today is my last day of holiday and tommorow onwards its school all over again.
As every student should remember to make a 'BACK-TO-SCHOOL LIST"
For me I always tend to do a "Back-To-School-Playlist"

So, for today's post I will share with you all my back to school playlist.

A Skylit Drive 

I happened to chance upon this band as I was scrolling through youtube again (as usual) 
and some of their songs are a bit loud but hey, we need a little loud music to wake up to or 
when you are frustrated after school.

Recommanded songs: 
- Rise 
-Just Stay
- Unbreakable 


I used to love switchfoot when I was younger and recently I decided to find some of their songs again. 
Some of their songs like 'Awakening' is pretty refreshing. 
 Recommanded Songs: 
- Dare you to move 
-Dark Horses 
- Afterlife 


A band that recently came to singapore for a concert with Bring me the horizon and a band I am recently digging (ALOT). Crossfaith. A metalcore band that mixes the usual heavy rock sounds with some electronic music. Its kind of refreshing and new to me and so to those who likes metalcore but yet like electronic music, try listening to their songs. Also (being half jap) I'm super super proud for the fact japan has such a group. They even managed to go on Vans Warped Tour. Now that's a definite accomplishment for any band. 

Recommanded Songs: 
- Monolith 
- We are the future 

Other Songs that are on my list

You Make Me- Avicii
Stay the night - Zedd Feat. Hayley Williams
Asu he (Towards Tommorow) - Galileo Galilei
BelovedxSurvival- Gero
Very Good - Block B
Shake the world - G-dragon
Do I Want To Know - Arctic Monkeys
A love like war - All Time Low  ft. Vic Fuentes
Guren no Yumiya - Linked Horizon
A light that never comes- Linkin Park feat. Steve Aoki.

So I guess that would be the end of my post today.
In time, I will try to update as often as possible
Cheers :D

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