Sunday, 13 October 2013

Holiday Post

The one who has barely blogged over the holidays is finally blogging now!! 
I'm here to do a massive post again cuz honestly my blog has been stagnant for a while. 
Also I realised I didnt do a monthly picture post so I thought I'm just going to do a Holiday picture post. 
Basically I am just going post the things I have been doing this holiday. 
(Which later you will see but it revolves around work, work and more work) 

 Skies & Sunsets 

The month of september, I remember it being hot but around the last week of september it started to rain once in a while. However still I got pretty decent shots of the sunset from time to time.

For the month of the october, I managed to take a shady picture of the sunrise (Due to the heavy downpour before the sun came up)

Overall, honestly each day I was happy to see the sunset because it meant I finally got through the day.
But really, the past few weeks have been tough for me because I had work constantly and waking up was hard.


The top left picture was my dinner at Brozeit which is where my parents celebrated their wedding anniversary (They brought me along though I told them to just go themselves). Had awesome german beer which I had fallen in love with. The food was not to bad.

 This holiday I ate alot at home because I was too tired to eat and it seems that everytime I ask people if they want grab dinner they are busy. I seem to always ask people at bad timings.

Then on off days, I tend to grab a drink alone (cuz no one is free again or I just became too lazy to ask anymore) I recently tried this tequilla sunrise thing and I will never ever touch it again. It tasted me at least. I can never like hard liqour unless someone mixes it for me..

Lola's Cafe

  On one of my off days, I went to visit this cafe with cheryl. The Cafe is just a few minutes walk from Kovan MRT Station. We ordered some food. (Well we thought it was 'some' but honestly we over-ordered. Fries Overload). Their nacho fries were awesome..I think they were called nacho fries..and their Latte was not so bad too.

It was one of those rare days I got an off day so it was nice to just hang out somewhere quiet.

They had a unique table as well!! It seemed to be an old sewing machine that had been reused as a table..

Overall it was a good experience though I feel bad I couldn't finish the food.

Well as I said, the month of September and October was the months of work. Though it was tiring and honestly I felt like I had no life, cuz I couldn't get a rest at all this holiday, after each event was done, I felt so happy. 
The Tri-factor series has finally ended and it ended with a special visit by Allan Wu and Bobby Tonelli. They are really handsome in real life. 

I then got to see what Mountain Biking is all about when I helped out at the session with the pro whereby the pro taught some tips to regular mountain bikers. It was really cool to see them in action. (Yes I timidly trekked down the hill to see what was going down)

Then recently, we just finished our last big event which is the Golf Day. It was fun but tiring and really I got sleepy there. But it was nice because I got to talk to alot of people (which is rare for me because I don't normally like human interaction). 

This week should be my last week working so...hopefully I can get a decent rest when school reopens and I don't have to rush around anymore. 

 So that was my picture post for the holiday month. 
And I still have one more week of holidays to go. 
Hopefully next week I can fall sick and just stay at home all day. 
I really miss just lazing around and I am just sad that I can't do that before school reopens. 
Anyhow, have a great day ahead 
Cheers :D

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