Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Getaway to Phuket: Day 3 to 5

Day 3
. As we went around a lot of place the day before, we started the day out late by going out at 12 int he afternoon. I spent my morning swimming at the pool (that I finally saw clearly because when we shifted the day before it was at night). The skies were really amazing from the pool and it was nice to swim as well as I don't get such a privilege in Singapore. 

After a slow morning, we went to Jung Ceylon, one of the largest shopping mall in Phuket and I got a few things there and that was about it. 

    The villa was honestly amazing. I spent almost everyday swimming in that pool. 
The picture below are taken from the lobby and though it isn't visible in the photo, the hotel was on a hill and it is very steep so going up the hotel and coming down was quite scary. 

After that we went back to our hotel however my mom, dad, my two aunts and I went to walk about the shops downstairs out hotel as they went to search for a place to do some massage. As I didn't like massages, instead I sat there to get a mani pedi. Yes..embarrassing for a person like me to say but it was really nice. 

At night, we went to eat thai food at a restaurant opposite our hotel and after dinner whilst my dad and grandma returned to the hotel, the rest of us decided to walk further down the road to see what it had to offer. 
After walking for 30 minutes or so, we chanced upon a massage parlour (again yes) and I got my first foot massage. It felt weird yet so good. I felt really refreshed after getting massaged there and the woman helping me with the massage even cracked back a bone for me (I didnt feel any pain but it made a loud crack noise then the woman went 'omg! im so sorry!!' was so funny) and that was how my night for Day 3 ended. 

Day 4
Shopping and walking was what I could use to describe Day 4. We went to the premium outlet (where I managed to buy my backpack for japan for a good price) , the batik store and Patong Beach.

Patong Beach was really nice though it was swarmed with people. 
The only reason why I agreed to go to phuket was because of the beach and it was already the 3rd day and I havent been there yet. So I was kinda glad when we got a chance to pass by Patong Beach.  But We only passed by because we had to go to Hard Rock Cafe for dinner. So we walked by with the sunset (which was beautiful really) and walked past small shops along the alley and also it was where I got my Banana Pancake. It was totes yumz!!! 

Day 5
The day I really got a chance to relax was Day 4. The day before I had to fly off (pfft). I guess I'm really different from my family, because I'm the type to laze around and relax whilst they enjoyed shopping. Either way, I woke up early and headed down to the beach that was a 5 minute walk from my hotel and phew, it was pretty. Less people at Patong which was great and I was also able to get the chance to tan my arms. 

I was really lazy the whole day. After hanging at the beach I went back to the hotel/villa for a swim which was sooooo refreshing and then just slacked on the bed...that was until my aunt and my mom said to go shopping at the Karon shopping plaza. I told myself that I shouldn't be lazy and I could slack with my grandma at night so i decided to go.

It was super warm that day. the sun blazing and my skin felt the burn from the sun. So what did I do? I bought a can of Chang beer and walked around with my aunt and mom. It was honestly the best feeling ever. Whilst I was at phuket, I drank almost everyday so drinking whilst walking at 2 in the afternoon seemed normal to me.

After walking around, we finally went back at around 4pm and had our last dinner at the villa. 
It wasn't all that great but it had to suffice. As my parents, my uncle's family and my aunt's family went out for the last night, I stayed behind with my grandma to watch 'Alfie' and 'what happens in vegas' whilst packing for the next day. It was the kind of night that I liked. 

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