Saturday, 3 January 2015

Thank you 2014, please take care of me 2015

My fave sunset pic of 2014 would be this. It was taken at Boat Quay when my friend and I were
looking for a place to drink after a day at work. Good Times. 

Well, another year has come and gone and it feels like yesterday that I wrote my 2013 reflection post.
(I think I wrote this exact same sentence at the end of 2014...time just passes too fast guise)
Here I am now, writing my 2014 reflection post.

 2014  was a year of ups and down for me.
I lost my best friend/brother and also gained new friends and experiences.
I think the highlight of 2014 for me was internship.
I was really weary of my internship at first. I didn't initially like the place I was given as I wanted to intern at a broadcast company and I didn't know a thing about what a ad/media agency was. (Campaigns module came 1 sem late eyy) Like it didn't occur to me that the ads around me isn't bought directly by companies.

My desk at my internship. Took me a long time to clear as I spent
7 months there and it became my 2nd home. 
Being on internship was very different from working a part time job.
I took a lot of odd jobs in the past and my Internship was probably one of the place I enjoyed working a lot. I didn't earn much, but the experiences I gained, the people I met, the work I was given and the hectic environment I was thrown into was something I will never exchange for.

If someone told me to start over, I would. With my old team, I will definitely would. They were the best people I ever worked with and we clicked instantly. Not to mention my intern buddy. Though we were from different polys, without her, I probably could not get through things easily. Through internship, it also made me think maybe walking the path of working in an ad agency isn't that bad.

The many times I had to OT was hard and there was a period where I was stressed. It took my while to adapt as well because I did not learn a single thing about campaigns (as I said above, the campaign module came a bit too late..a bit only). However, my team taught me things that the school could never teach and I experienced things that only a full-timer could've experienced. Also, I worked on real campaigns and I felt really satisfied looking at my work running smoothly when I passed by the places I planned. And I will always be thankful for this experience as I feel it helped me to grow as a person and it gave me a taste of my future -like what I would be doing.

So that was about my internship experience that took 6-7 months of 2014.

All About 2014
I didn't get to go to any concert this year because I was so busy, but I don't regret not going to any concert. Oh! But I did go for music matters to support the japanese scene. Still trying to keep up with the japanese music scene.
The only concert I managed to attend this year.
Music Matter -just to see Oral Cigarettes!! 

Well overall, looking back at my goals last year i think I manged to fulfill half of them and I guess I'm satisfied. Honestly, 2014 came and went so fast in a blink of an eye so I cant remember a lot of things. ( I hope 2015 won't pass so fast.)

Well, for year 2015. What do I want to accomplish/do or what's awaiting me?

What's My Wish For 2015...

1. University
First thing first is University. In 3 months, my time as a polytechnic student will end and I will have to make a transition (again) to uni. Start anew, with a new environment but studying the same thing. Yes, I will further in mass comm cuz I love it. But I am still unsure if I want to do broadcast or advertising so uni is like another excuse for me to spare 2-3 years for me to think of which line I want to focus on. I'm scared and worried on where I could go for uni, so hopefully there'll be good news of my transition to higher education soon. (Lolz)

2. Travelling 
Second thing on my list is traveling. Many of my close friends knows, (cuz I keep repeating this), I'll be going on a graduation trip with my friends to Japan. Yes, without my parents just my friends.

 Honestly, I don't know what made me decide so fast with my friends to go japan. I'm even more bewildered that my parents allowed it! (Especially my dad. Not so my mum cuz she used to be a traveler when she was my age) but my dad seemed to really cut some slack on me this year. Maybe because I turned 20 I don't know, but I'm honestly quite excited yet nervous for this trip.
I have yet to plan nor book my accommodation but I did change some money to yen already I'll be off for 2weeks in my other half's land so...I hope it'll be great. I'll definitely blog about it when I get back!

If i successfully enjoy myself and travel comfortable through this trip to japan then I might plan another one to Laos because I really wanna go backpacking there. It seems like a nice place to journey to.

3. Do what I wanna do

Now, what are some other  things I probably want to do this year hmmm....
Maybe get a tattoo. I'm still quite determined to get a small one somewhere even though I'm super scared of needles and pain. Rather then piercing my ears (which I now think is what makes me special), I want to get a tattoo more. So maybe...just maybe, if I had the guts, I could get one secretly this year Lolz.

Other than that, I probably don't have much wishes. I've long given up on trying to find a boyfriend and I'm glad my parents never ask me about such things cuz I'm turning 21 soon. But in a small corner on my brain, I'm hoping I could find someone in japan (yeah just laugh at me...go on...)

So that wraps up my 2014 reflection and 2015 wishes.
I'll update again soon on my trip to Phuket and random visits to tourist attractions in singapore (yes. I was a tourist in my own country.)

Anyways, have an awesome 2015 ahead!

The people that helped me to open up, the people I know who will always be there
no matter what kind of shit I do. The people who care about me, the lamas.
Am ever thankful for them and I am really glad to have met them 3 years ago.
They are the best thing that happened to me. Hope we stay together forever cuz true friends we are.

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