Thursday, 8 January 2015

Getaway to Phuket: Day 6 and thoughts

Day 6
 The day to fly back to Singapore! I rushed through some last minute packing and we eventually left the hotel at 11. After making pitstops at random factory shops that sold snacks and having lunch 15 minutes away from the airport we reached the airport at around 2:!5pm.
I managed to get the thai tea I was craving for when we stopped by for lunch and I was happy because it finally cleared off my list of "things to do in phuket".

There was a flight delay of 2 hours as the flight coming in from Singapore was delayed and I found out later it was because Changi Airport was busy as Singapore was assisting for the search of the then missing plane. (Prayers go to the family of the victims of the plane).

I finally got back to singapore at around 10pm and almost cried again because of the cabin pressure
 (I really need to find a way to conquer it if not I will cry each time I take a plane). I was once again feeling really battered from the plane ride and it felt foreign to be back at home. But I really missed being home and my bed felt the best as I fell asleep immediately after bathing.

I think I had some form of seafood everyday. It was only on the second night and third day's afternoon did I get the chance to eat thai food. I fell in love with the green curry and Tom yum there. 
It was not spicy at all!! Which made me think why is it so spicy in singapore?! 

As mentioned above, I also drank almost every night and day. During lunch I would have a beer, at night I would have another. Even on the last night I drank by myself as my parents went out and it was really nice. The drink that I probably really enjoyed was the cocktail I had at hard rock cafe which name I forgot but it tasted amazing. 

I also  managed to eat Banana Pancake and Thai Tea which I highly recommend you to try if you ever go to any part of Thailand. They are awesssommeee~~ 

Overall the trip to phuket has it ups and down and as mentioned in my earlier post, going once was enough for me. I explored what needed to be explored and I enjoyed its beach. 

Next trip to look forward to (for me) is JAPAN!! Have yet to plan it but kinda excited to go to my other half's land!!

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