Monday, 24 November 2014

Ways to shop for christmas..well MY way that is...

Well guys, it's the time of year again. Christmas. 
Have you started your christmas shopping yet? 
Its almost the end of november and in a week's time it is December. 
What about me? you ask. Well I haven't either. 

But with school, work, a thought of how "december is a month away" and my laziness,
I just couldn't be bothered to start shopping early. 
Hence, I came up with some hacks or rather strategies to shop for people like me. 
Where you just keep putting off the idea of "shopping for gifts" to the last minute.

1. Set a date to shop
Block a day in your calendar to shop. By setting a date to shop, you will be motivated to go out that day because you already planned it and you can't give yourself any excuse because you blocked an entire day for it. 

2. Plan your presents ahead 
Planning is key if you want to save time and get away from the shopping crowd as fast as possible. 
List the things your friend might like and circle the the things you want to buy for them. Knowing what you want to buy for your friends will save time for you rather then just walking back and forth in a mall. If you are unsure what to get for you friend looking at the list, write down the stall(s) you think might have gifts your friends might want and go straight to that stall to find a gift. 

3. Pick a mall 
Try to pick one mall that has every shop that suits the people you want to buy presents for (e.g. Vivocity). If you really cant think of a gift for your friends, by choosing a mall that has everything, will save you on transportation. 

4. Get friends to shop with you 
Shopping by yourself might allow you to wrap things faster, however it is always good to have another opinion on the things you want to get.

5. Dont leave wrapping to the last minute 
If you know you won't have the time to wrap the gifts, get the store to wrap them. Some malls offer free wrapping if you buy until a certain amount (another perks of shopping in one mall). Also, shops like kinnokuniya offers free wrapping services, therefore if you have no time to wrap you can consider going to these stalls to get your presents! 

6. Wait till christmas sale starts 
I leave my shopping till  December due to 1 reason -Christmas Sales. You can get things cheaper at some stalls and even some online sites. Also, if you own credit cards, things may be cheaper as well at some stalls. Therefore, always. ALWAYS wait for christmas sales (but of course do not wait till the day before christmas to buy stuffs) 


7. Look to online sites for small gifts 
Really out of time or need to buy small gifts for a bunch of people? Take a look at Taobao or Qoo10
Tao bao is a really good place to look at when you have to buy gifts for a lot of people because things are costed in 'yuan' which is cheaper than in singapore. And also, the site has everything under the sun so it will cater to all the gift ideas you have. However, the downside is that you need to know how to read in chinese and you would need to order early for it to arrive before christmas cuz shipping takes time especially if it is via ship. (probably at least 1-2 weeks before x'mas) 

If you are out of time but still want to save a couple bucks OR you need to buy things in bulk, go for Qoo10. They have offers at times when you order in bulk and some things are cheaper at certain times of the day/week. Also, they sell make-up/beauty products cheaper then retail stores (at most cases).  However, do take note of the delivery time as well and also read the reviews so that you get what you pay for. 

                                       Handmade Gifts In A Jar ~ Pampering, Refreshment and Energy

8. Last minute resort- Homemade gifts 
If you really don't want to mingle with the christmas crowd to shop, try making home-made gifts. 
Drop by ikea where you can get jars, frames and other crafts stuff to make something. Spotlight is an ideal place as well however, it could be a tad bit expensive. 
Something I made last year was a mix disc and it got a good response among my friends. So, you could consider that for a small gift. Sharing the gift of music never goes wrong 
To get inspired, check out sites like pintrest, iheartnaptime, the 36th avenue, The gunny sack
Personally, I love the gunny sack's idea especially as a personalized gift for your friend. 

So! That is all for my tips and tricks to shopping for christmas and I hope at least 1 point is helpful for you. 

Let me know if you have any other idea or tricks to shopping for christmas! 

Cheers and happy shopping :) 

P.s Some other sites regarding christmas hacks that I like. Check 'em out! 

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