Thursday, 25 April 2013

Of being vexed...

The one that's staring at her screen blankly
The one that's debating very hard
The one that's really vexed

Hi all!
Wow, seems like i'm updating this site quite frequently arent't I.
This shows how much worry I kinda have (i'm just kidding)

So recently, if you live in Singapore,
You would realize that everyone...and I really mean EVERYONE is coming to Singapore.

From the current icon of K-pop PSY to the old-school rockers Aerosmith.
Everyone is coming to do a concert on this tiny island.
Other people to name are Blush, Fall Out Boy, Lee Kwangsoo (the giraffe from running man), Kyary Pyamu Pyamu, the actor from the famous drama 'secret garden' Hyun Bin, Deftones, Joe brooks,Mayday, G-dragon and The Used.


The Used is coming.

 The band that I had wished to watch since when I was 11 is coming. Like finally!
But then I have a problem. Ok not just one but a lot.
Firstly, I have no 'khakis' to go with because the people around me don't listen to them or are not a fan of them.

Secondly, I kinda feel old and my concert-going spirit kinda went down after I went for ATL.
(I mean I really really enjoyed ATL's concert but like I saw how hardcore everyone was there that it made me think like do i look weird here? I just didn't feel that spirit in me at the concert like I did for the past ones I went to..)

So yeah of course I have other worries in my mind but those are like the top 2.
I honestly don't know what happened to me.
I used to LOVE going for concerts. When I heard this particular band I like is coming, I would just go. However then I became a person who hid from the world and started to work and stay at home for most of my days that it kind of took my spirit away.

I was talking to my friend about this worry of mine and she was like
"Why don't you just find people on twitter to go with you" but its just awkward you know.
I'm a total introvert, people who are friends of mine should know that well.
 I feel that everyone's intimidating and I'd rather stay in this small shell of mine then to venture out and meet new people.
 Thats just me (which I know I have to change but i can't seem to. I lack confidence. A LOT of confidence)

Then I started to think how I kinda did venture out in terms of going to concerts.
 I'm what 18? and I've been to 6 concerts..thats a good leap for an introvert like me that hates crowded places!
The tickets of the past concerts I've been to.

My Chemical Romance, Paramore, JYJ, One Ok Rock, SM Town, All Time Low
Different genres, Different languages and on different stages. I've seen them all.
Shouldn't I be satisfied?
Should I just call it a day and quit going for concerts?
I honestly am not sure.

However I do still have to fulfill my new year resolution and one of my resolution was to attend 2 concerts this year so, I have 2 bands to consider.
Fall Out Boy and The Used.
I would really really love to go for the used but i'm just at a total lost right now.

Well, hope I'll get over my sulk of not going to their concert. (Due to my awkwardness might I add)



  1. Just go ahead!
    I'll be there with you mentally!

    1. Haha...I'll see how :/ keke~~ Thanks for being there..mentally though!! ^^