Monday, 29 April 2013

Music Recommendations 2~~

Continuing from where I left off in my other post.

Ahh yes. Urban Zakapa.
Now I think more people are familiar with Urban Zakapa but I still consider them as korean indie music.
To learn more about who Urban Zakapa is, there is a video below from Eat your kimchi that got to interview them. (I'm so jealous) So I think more people have gotten familiar on who Urban zakapa is through this video (because Eat Your Kimchi is one of the more popular Korean review channel, that I really love and admire must i add. Also i'm thankful they did this interview with urban zakapa so more people will get to know more of their awesome music! )

Another song I like from them called 'I hate you'

The next group is my most favorite out of all the Korean indie artists out there.

This was the group that started my so called 'Korean indie' craze. Like after this group I started to listen to more music that was not on TV.
I forgot where I had first known them however, their song 'Americano' just hit me.
By the time I got to know 'Americano' it was popular in Korea.
From 'americano' to 'I'm scared of the dark tonight' to their latest song 'I'm fine thank you'
I love them all.
All these songs that I have liked are the type that honestly goes well with my coffee.
Like its just some songs that you could unwind to after a long day.

I'm scared ot the dark tonight is a song i often listened to before I sleep next to their song 'Good night'

10cm's sorrow if bright and bundled with a fun melody that contradicts paul potts's i'm missing you however the whole piece just merges well with each other. Also the lyrics are somewhat matching in a way.

So to end this post,
I hope you enjoyed these few recommendations.
If you read my past blogs like long time ago (probably from my past blog), I'm sure you already know that these groups are my utmost fave in the indie scene.

[Just gonna put another 2 more videos to end this post in a right way.
I listen to a wide range of music and I appreciate all kinds of music in all different kind of languages. So please, do leave me a comment if you think there is a group out there I should listen to. :) ]

We all know Psy, however I knew his music before he hit big before Gangnam style and this was the song that attracted me. Honestly speaking, till today I think this song is the best as compared GS and gentleman.However I personally like 'Champion' (Check it out if you have time. The video is EQUALLY hilarious)

Aziatix. Perfect english, Perfect beats and rap. Handsome dude, Awesome music. What not to love?
This video ready set go was made for the Olympics that happened 2 years back.
I love this video because of the artistic concept and the music itself was interesting (like how they incorporated the traditional 'arirang' into the song. Also how the lyrics incorporated harmony and doing your best as a message.)

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