Thursday, 18 April 2013

2nd Day of School gone wrong

Bought the new album from Fall Out boy and it was awesome. Will do a write up on it soon :D

The one that didnt make a good impression
The one that came home and just crashed into bed scraping everything on it
The one that just feels drained out.

Whats up all,
how was my days in school?
Just a simple 'sigh' would do.
These 2 days are just not going well for me.
Its not because i've got loads of stuff to do, no its nothing like that....yet.
I'm just really not used to the people in my class
and its really hard to be me there.

Also, I seriously think i talk too loudly and i swear a lot.
I must really limit my use of singlish too.

So today all these stuffs just rushed to my mind
and i was like "im in deep trouble man"

Not sure is it because it was my first presentation of the semester
Or because i had to present alone
Or because I presented to a class of people I'm entirely not familiar with
cuz honestly three words can describe what i feel.
"I screwed up"

BIG TIME might I add.
My mind went blank, i stumbled, my voice was shaking and the walls felt like it was closing in.
Honestly I dont know where my confidence from last sem went to.
Was I this bad at presenting?
As i saw the people in class going up presenting one by one
i felt worse as time passed.
I really really did badly and i possibly left a bad impression
on my faci and even on my classmates.
like Dang it man.

Not to mention, i forgot to thank this classmate who stayed till i finished lunch.
Where the hell did my manners go to.
I really need to wake up omg.
I wish my part time job started now then I will be a hell lot busy
and I wouldnt have to worry about such petty stuffs.

I guess my mum sensed something was wrong with me because
she cooked up another scrumptious meal of hers and really it made me feel better.
Not to mention she allowed me to drink Rosé when I have school tomorrow.
That totally perked me up.

Speaking of which,
This sparkling  Rosé was nice.
I hate wine or anything that looks like wine however this was really subtle and not as bitter as it would have taste.
Its from Jacobs creek, so yeah if you want to buy it, i guess you can find it in stores?
I bought it for my parents at a duty free shop and it comes in a really nice yet cute sized bottle.

Ok with that, I shall write another day
Hopefully my posts gets brighter and better as time goes by.
Cant wait for tomorrow. Its a Friday.  [Finally!]

Cheers! :D

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