Saturday, 6 April 2013

Happy Birthday to my mother

A small letter I wrote to my mum

The one whom rarely splurges without thinking for a day
The one who becomes a scrooge when it comes to expensive items
The one who just spent over 100 bucks on a present.

Hello all!
Well, today was my mother's birthday.
Technically speaking its later but i gave her my present anyways cuz i was too anxious.
Honestly I was thinking of what to get for her.
And my mom loves earrings.
So i decided to buy one from Helen or SK jewellery.
*cues music den den den*
The devil in my head said to buy her a pair of earring from Swarovski.
And i did.
Would love to show you the earrings but I cant seem to find the picture  of the one i bought.

First things first, how can a pair of earrings cost that much i mean seriously?!
[inner scrooge appearing]
and the designs, omg there were so many types of design to choose from.
Anyways thanks to some help from my buddies Fiona and Bryan,
I eventually chose one.
One which i call fat butterfly.

Now many of you might think,
Are you crazy!?! How could you spend so much!!
And seriously is it even your own money you bought them with!!

Well hold your horses.
Firstly, my mother was turning 51 this year.
As i couldn't do anything special  for her 50th birthday,
I decided it was time for me to give her something nice.
I mean you aren't going to be young forever
and i did kind of consider if I should have bought them when she turned 60
However i think, that I should get it now because you never know what the future holds.
What if something happens to me and i wont be there to celebrate her 60th birthday?
(like not being in the same country as her..what were you guys thinking. *touchwood*)
So that was 1 reason.

 Plus she went through a whole lot the past 2 years
(like dislocating her shoulder last year and a slip disk while i was gone. Seriously blamed myself for not being there then)
Also, I feel that i owe a lot to her. Like growing up honestly until I turned 15 or 16
we quarreled a lot. Like almost everyday.
However now she was like my best friend and I was her listening ear.
This was the most i could do for her.

And yes, i bought with my own savings.. (*cries*)
Thank god i'm starting to work again, because that price just cost 2 months of pay from my last job (that was a year ago, and I kept that money for emergency when I wanted to go overseas.alone.)

So in a few weeks time its my dad's birthday.
Troubles coming upon me as i think of what to get him.
Yes i fight and qurrel a lot with him but he is still my dad even if i get mad at him for a million times.

No matter how they scold me, or in my dad's case be harsh on me,
He's still my father, She's still my mother and it is my job to care and love them as they did to me when i was young.
We may have differences on our thoughts and our wants but even just for a day
I feel i have to treat them right.

Well, with that,

Cheers :)

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