Monday, 8 April 2013

Movies, movies and more movies!!

Last week of school holidays
Yet here I am still rolling around the room
Blasting music
Making nothing out of it.

Hi all!
Yeapz, sigh, 9 more days to school.
Honestly speaking I am not looking forward to it as I should.
After I saw the class list I was like *excuse my curses* Fml.
But 15 weeks will go pass real fast...I hope.
And I hope I will be too busy to realize.
Also, I think I would need to start praying, meditating or take up yoga lessons
to build up on my patience. Cuz Im gonna need it.

Okay, away from talks about school and on to what i did today.
I have finally watched the movies I've been wanting to watch!

Rise of the guardians

Ho-my-Gosh, firstly I must say the story was really well done up. How they input the different accents in each character and cast of this animation is just an A list!
Well if i explained the plot it would be a tad be too long, but lets just say this movie makes one want to really go back to when they were kids and believe in all these 'guardians'. 
Also the characters  in it was really done up very creatively (like how presents are made and eggs for easter. Its rare to see a different build up on the characters for each of the massive holidays. Totally give it a 10/10.

The first time

A sweet story of how everybody has a 'first time' in everything and in relationships as well. It shows of how love blossoms among to strangers who met at a party and slowly start to like each other. 
Kinda lets you remember of your first love (though for me would mean nothing cuz I never fell in love before)
Still its a cute movie to snuggle in for the day. I give it about 6/10

Under the Tuscan Sun

An amusing story about a woman, whom is a writer, who got divorced without her knowing and everything happened too fast for her. So her friends egged her on to a trip to Tuscan, a place in Italy. Where she finds herself having faith, a home and on how to cherish life. I give it 8/10 cuz it has now became one of my favorite movie.

How to train your dragon

Hiccup was just a weakling among the vikings however as the story progresses he finds out that dragons can be taken as friends and not pests. The movie shows about bravery, friendship and most importantly trust among the family. The ending was surprising too and I loved the picture very much. I give it 8/10
Hotel Transylvania
A human unknowingly ends up in a hotel set up for monsters and along the way, with count dracula he stays in the hotel, meeting the different monsters and helps out with count dracula's daughter's birthday party. I must say it was an interesting movie and seriously, these days the animations are GREAT. i'll give it a 7/10 because I dont know, I guess the movie is more for the children.

The Lorax

A story that indirectly speaks about how mankind is ruining the earth and just one person's willpower can do alot for  the planet. I give it a 6/10

Wow, now that I think about it I watched quite a lot didn't I?
Haha, well the rating i gave were just based on my opinions but if you have the time DO check these shows out.
It will let out the inner-child in ya!


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