Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Of school and recent drawings.

Been listening to this song/been my jam for the past week. Love it.
Princeton Avenue-Issues

Just another soul walking on this road
Just another night filled with troubles
Just another fight I'll unwillingly follow

Hey all!
So I went to a talk about my diploma just now (Its an every semester thing and honestly it really gets me)
Like seriously, I thought i could just silently sit there, complete my diploma and leave the school but nooo
we have a whole lot of things to do.

Honestly, I'm very worried because

1. I'm still not sure of what I want to do, I mean i'm aiming to do something thats related to music and still sticking to my thoughts of being a TV producer but seriously I cant see myself being there.

2. I'm just really really tired of participating in things these days. Cuz seriously I spent most of my secondary days helping out, participating in loads of things and I really enjoyed it but I really just wanted to rest after school when I came to poly. I wanted to enjoy the things I couldn't do. But nooo, we have to write articles and build up our portfolio.(Which i honestly do not know what its about)

3. The way my program chair says about everything that's gonna happen just really scares me. On top of that my course mates seem very competitive and honestly speaking their command in English is very good. So you are asking me to compete with these people to help out in broadcasting...its going to be hard for me to make a name for myself. They are many talented writers in my course (i'm serious they are really good) and they know their goal but I don't. So secretly deep within, I'm very scared because for the first time in a long time I feet lost in what I want and the pressure of trying to get back on track is just too much for me.

My 'tools' for drawing. A variety of shading/art pencils is a definite.
And for this picture, color pencils.
So yeah for the entire half an hour or so in my mind I just kept saying oh my gosh repeatedly.
Not to mention I'm lacking of A LOT of CCE points, possibly because I didn't bother to turn up for camps. (Life)

As for classes, I'm slowly warming up to the class. The class is very quiet and you can see we are total strangers to each other but I can see that everyone's friendly and nice. So I wish I can get used to the class soon because they seem really really nice.

The modules are getting tougher and I'm not sure if i can keep up like seriously i don't know what I'm learning and I should start reading up on the resources they give beforehand. Not to mention i'm still screwing up my presentations..le sigh. However I'm looking forward to the photoshop and Indesign workshop. Finally I can learn what I want to
My half-completed work

Moving on away from school. I've started drawing again because I wanted to..
well technically I was bored and I had an empty sketch book so why not?
So yeah I've been drawing random things these days and apart from that
I've learnt to play 'somewhere in neverland' on the guitar.
I am so happy cuz i love that song so much and the riff at the near end, or should i say like the break before the 2nd last verse is my fave part to play.

Okay then, I'll end my post here today.

Cheers :)

"A battle for wings, A battle for survival"
. Focused more on the shading of the wings. 

"A cup of dreams for the night"
Focused on shading again and trying to make it look as realistic as possible. 

"Silence of the sincere"
Final product for a colored picture,
named it the way it is because blue represents a way

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