Saturday, 21 December 2013

LLamas can party too

Hey all!!! 
Christmas is next week!! Have you gathered all your presents yet?! 
For those who haven't have fun shopping with all the sales going around now! 
I basically bought 2 clothes for myself in the sale even though I overspent this month keke.. 
(inner girl coming out here) 

Well, I had a busy yet relaxing week and also I had loads of fun. 
Monday, I went shopping with my burden friend and did my nails for the first time. 
You have no idea how awkward I was having someone do my nails, 
however I am in awe cuz my nails came out super pretty >< 
Not to mention, it only costs $7 :D 

However that is not the highlight here in the post. 
The highlight is...LAMA SECRET SANTA PARTY 
I swear my mom was more excited then me for this day to come. 
We started preparing from 12 and it was really fun. 
The lamas came at around 4.35 after being caught up in a storm. 
(The storm had really outdone itself that day, it felt like it didnt rain for 5 years!! Even with umbrellas we were all drenched from head to toe!) 
We had dinner, chatted and just really had fun. 
It has been a while since the lamas chatted together. 
Since school is busy we really haven't sat down to have fun. 

Then came the exchanging of presents and it was really funny. 
Sadly my mortal knew it was me..and I guess my santa right!! hehe. 
However to be able to wear the dress the santa gave  me, I need to lose my arm fats..
That could be my resolution for next year ^^/ 
After that it was the small gift exchange and honestly it was so fun! 
The gifts I got was all so nice and that day, we really seemed like family. 
I had miss the times when were all together having fun. 

Anyways, I shall leave this post with the pictures from that day ^^ 

Cheers :D 

One family. One Lama. Christmas 2013 
Cupcakes made by Belle~~
Happy Lamas ><

My Santa- Ah Bian.
Thank You for the presents!!
My Mortal- Brindz
Hope you like the presents~~ hee..

Letters written by the different lamas. Thanks for the messages guys <3
A dress from my santa!!

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