Friday, 13 December 2013

Holidays are here!!

Taken by my 'burden' buddy QQ 

The holidays are here!!

Been so busy since school started that I haven't a proper rest.
Weekends were gone in a blink of an eye and  the eye bags below my eyes darkened.
However finally, after 9 weeks I am going to get a good rest.
Though I have two assignments, 1 project and 1 photo essay to complete within the 2 weeks.
On top of that I better start building my online portfolio and printing out stuffs for my portfolio.

Why you so chiong you may ask?
Thats cuz I've been selected to go out for intern in the 1st semester.
Since it was something I wanted I ain't complaining (though that means I cant go for the school trip)
Hopefully, I can get through that sem smoothly and well.....
Other than that, I think I would be able to get some rest.
Not to mention, christmas is around the corner!! *claps*
Many presents to exchange~~

I got my first christmas present last Wednesday and it was so nice of my classmate to get it for me!!
Really appreciated it because I needed that relaxation packs. Haha.
Lamas secret santa is next week and I cant wait to give my mortal her present.
(Cuz I want to see her reaction towards it ><)

Oh also, I am super elated and proud of myself for having published something on the school's online paper >< *claps for self*
I was in awe when I saw my name there..
I was super happy because they accepted my review written for the One Ok Rock concert!
I mean when else would I have been able to write for rock concerts!?Not to mention concerts of my fave band. Wish in the future I could write more review for concerts.
I realized, at the end of the day I honestly love anything related to music and I wanted to do something related to music.

Well, hopefully I get to updated my blog more
as holidays are here
(though I cannot promise because as written on top I have many things to complete)
but hey! I will try my best..

I shall end this post with the pictures I have taken over the past few weeks ^^

Cheers :)

Five stones: Week 8's photography shoot!! 

Reflections: Our lesson was to be on macro but I can't seem to get a hang of macro 

Split Lighting: Week 7's photshoot, it was a really fun lesson for me
 cuz we got to use Manda lights ^^

Split Lighting take 2

An image that really made me look nice keke.
Credits to elaine who took it so nicely. 

Week 6's photoshoot: We were to shoot a fake band cover and make it look retro-ish
First lesson as a 'new' team (though we just changed 1 member) 

This image was taken at the last minute and I really liked this
because the trees played a vital role and the viewpoint seemed interesting
(Yes I lied on the floor to take this shot) 

Our shooting location was actually the Woodlands Industrial park
It was super fun exploring that area ^^
This was an abandoned building by the way. 

This was probably taken in week 4 or 5.
Love the alignment of the shelves in the library.
Dont quite remeber what the lesson was on though. 

Most Played This Week 


[I'm really into this group right now. I have liked them for a long time now after my friend recommended them to me last sem. However Voodoo Doll  is special to all starlights (Vixx's fanclub name) because they won their 1st award with this yay!! 
My personal favorite song from them is G.R.8.U & What to do 
So do check these songs out!!]


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