Saturday, 3 August 2013

Looking back...

Hey guys~~!!

So I am doing this post though I have a deadline looming over me because I feel I have to.
As busy as I was, I only realized on Wednesday that my birthday was this Sunday and not Friday.
It seemed just like yesterday that I turned 18.

Honestly speaking, being 18 was a very awesome experience.
It is the 'legal' year and it was the year when I gained my freedom.
I got to go home late AND I got to stay over at a chalet not once but twice.
Furthermore I got drunk. Best experience ever.
These days I have been going home late as well and my parents said nothing and I am amazed.
I am amazed how they haven't sat me done or scolded me about my late nights out.

Also, last year was the year I met 7 friends who changed my life.
These 7 people made me more outgoing, loved and thankful that I stayed alive.
I think it was my destiny to live on and I am actually glad that  that I got through the battle within myself when I was younger to meet these people.

Honestly turning 19 makes no difference for me.
This year will be the quietest birthday I will ever have as I am working on that day
and not to mention I have too many things on my mind to even enjoy my day.
Not to mention my parents are celebrating it for me next week because they are busy as well.

I guess I have no things I want to do when I turn 19 because I did almost everything I wanted when I turned 18.
1. I want to stayover again at a chalet and get drunk.
Getting drunk it not pleasant but really, I could use one drinking session now.
2. I want to learn that relationships are not everything.
I want to get over the fact that I should get into a relationship before I tuen 20 and know that being single is good and maybe being single for life is awesome. I need to learn that I will never be able to be in a relationship so I gotta deal with it. We are born alone, We live alone and We will die alone.
3. Spend more time with my friends.
A wish I have every year. To make time for my primary school buddies and now my secondary school buddies. I promise when the holidays come I will got out with you guys.
4. Just living my days the way I want it to be.
As the sentence says, I just want to live life to the fullest.

So okay,this post may sound crappy because I havent had time to sleep well so I am not thinking right.
I will have a make-up post regarding how my 19th birthday went because
when this post is posted up, I think the Lamas would have celebrated my birthday for me.
And I am actually worried what they would do to me. hmm..
So yeah!
Till my next post


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