Friday, 26 July 2013

A long-winded update

The one who hasnt been blogging in a while,
The one who is currently stressed up due to a lack of inspiration
The one who just wants to go to the beach

Hey! What's up people!!
Just realized I haven't been blogging at all.
Well, I've been busy all week and will get even busier as time comes.
So a little update on what I have been doing.

View of Clarke Quay that I pass-by every time
 I work into the night at work.
I had some time off  from work due to the haze which made us postpone our events
and sort of screwed our plans but still I appreciate it because by the end of the last event, I was really worn out.
Hence for 2-3 weeks it was a great feeling to go home immediately after school and knock out in the afternoon.
But after a while, due to the frequent conflict with my parents, I started dreading being at home.
And just nice at the height of the conflict, I was called to work!
So yes, the past 2 weeks, though I've been called less frequently, I have been going to work.
And honestly, the long bus rides home will always be my favorite way to end my day.
Strolling around at night then I have a journey through the city on my way home.
Its just a 1hour relaxation moment for me everyday.

School has been the same as always. I just realised I'm left with 4 more weeks till the end of Year 2, Sem 1.
Time passes really fast. It seems like just yesterday I came up to being a year 2.
Results and daily grades are okay so far, I am pretty surprised actually cuz I had so much things to balance that I thought my results would be terrible but I actually passed all my UT1s.
I have no high hopes for UT2 though, especially my media law and ethics. I am bound to fail that because I stoned out for 5 minutes during the test.
My class has been a joy as well, its not as boring as I thought it would be at first. Yes we have our quiet days but these days, its been fun. So many sarcastic jokes and mispronounced words that makes my day.
Also, I actually have learnt to play monopoly deal and it is quite fun. Though I get laughed at a lot because I tend to play the wrong cards and fail to 'visualize'. But all's good.

Joker with the umbrella
My first Monopoly win
Which happened after I played for 2 weeks.
Slow yes I know.

I have been watching a lot of movies in the theaters these days and I honestly don't mind watching more. I feel like watching movies in theaters these days but of course over the weekends I have caught up and watched the movies I wanted to as well.
Movies I watched so far;
Movies I've watched the past few weeks
Pacific Rim
[Which was good by the way. The graphics was awesome but the kaijus has got to die after 3 punches..I kinda grew tired because the bloody monsters just won't die. Also there were a few moments that made me go WTF!?]
Despicable me 2
[It was so friggin cute. Omg, I dont care about the plot the fact that there were so many minions and the minions actually played a main role in the movie just made me happy. Its just one of those movie that you want to watch to relax, smile and let the inner kid inside you enjoy.]
Now you see me 
[I was actually very disappointed with this movie. I expected a better/solid seriously. Don't get me wrong, i thought the magic tricks was amazing..yes I get easily mind-blown by magic..but I felt that the movie was forced to end the way it ended]
Grown Ups 2
[I must say the plot was terrible. I mean how many things can you do in a day? It felt like the film was snipped and placed into the movie like a slideshow that is made to present about how your not old for anything. But then again, I won't it was all bad because it was friggin funny and there was so many epic moments that make you cringe laugh and just hit the person sitting next to you. If you have friends who don't care about plots and just want humor, this movie is definitely for you.]
Movies I can't wait to watch!!
The Wolverine! Red 2! Thor:the dark world, R.I.P Rest In Peace and the list can go on.
But The wolverine is on my top list now..

Life overall 
I actually have been out this whole week. Sunday I went shopping with cheryl, brindz and QQ and bought a pair of new vans and shirt. I had a nice day out with them as we chatted and ran around orchard just to find a show that brindz wanted. It was a day well spent.

Tried eating at Everything with Fries
It was not bad, just very filling for me
 I had a UT..yeap it was media and law ethics..the one which I know I will definitely screw up.
I had work and was constantly calling people. I had to get my bursary after work but the bus was as driving as slow as a tortoise!!  I barely made it before the closing time to get my bursary and got it over and done with.
@ Chomps Chomps
Satay, Stingray,Chicken Wing, Oyster Omlette,Sambal kailan
Delicious but screwed my diet plan haha
but it was worth it. 
was chomps day with 3 of my classmates and QQ! Chomps is all the way at Serangoon but I still went with them anyways.. We reached early and we waited to break fast with QQ. As we waited for time to fly, we played the category game, chatted over some stuff about class. I realised how fun it was to eat with your friends.
 I went to watch grown ups 2 with QQ, Cheryl and bian and had dinner afterwards. Again, epic conversations over dinner.
Finally Friday
 I did nothing much except being deliberately late for school because I wanted to ditch school but i couldn't because the school will send a letter. Sadly I was only late by 40 minutes. After school we played monopoly deal again and as usual it was a warzone. I swear when we play monopoly deal its as if we are really losing our property and money.

Overall I had a great week and I just wished this continued.
 If this continues everyday I actually see a reason to live. I have a reason to say I have enjoyed and done things I want to do.
Hope to have another awesome week in the coming week
but I can forsee myself being stressed as I have just been given an assignment and I have an event coming up next weekend.
Also, I have been trying to hide this fact and trying to forget that I'm turning a year older soon
but unfortunately the time is coming. .
Probably will have another post about my thoughts on that if I have the time.

Cheers :)

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