Saturday, 2 March 2013

Of my short getaway with awesome people after exams

Snapshots of my days there

Hey all~~

I am back from my 3 days 2 night stay at the chalet~~
It was a really awesome time for me.
Getting to stay over with my classmates and getting a bit tipsy.. OK i admit i was drunk for a while.

So the journey there was very long but interesting.
It took us almost 2 hours to finally reach the resort and the place was not bad.
It was not too big nor too small. Plus there weren't people staying near us so yeah! It was fine.
The first night was awesome.
I helped out in starting the fire for the BBQ and though it was tiring it was fun. Haha
but it took us about 3 hours to start a damn fire so yeah..but we tried our best.
I didn't eat much cuz i was doing the fire and it was okay cuz it was so fun setting the fire with the guys.
We chatted about stuffs and they went on dubbing this couple opposite us who i guess was there to make out.

After dinner was the time we pulled out all our alcohol.
We brought about 3 different types of drinks and played a game of 'I never' and haha omg it was so embarrassing. But i had the killer ones.
"I never rode a roller coaster" and " I have never seen a rainbow" killed everyone in the group.
They said i had no life, but its true! i never had a life till now haha.
This time i was smart. I sat on the mattress so that if i were ever to get drunk i would never need to sleep on the floor again.

The night continued to the morning as we sang karaoke, and i cried my eyes out again...
I tried to sleep but everyone was very high so yeah..I was the first one to sober up and eventually went to have breakfast at 4.30am haha.

For the first time also, i actually messaged my friend while i was tipsy.. It was so funny!
Snippet of our convo
me" Fuck yeah man!"
Friend "No vulgar words!"
me "im sorry dear mighty lord"
That was like my most fave words ever.
I also seemed to have typed in japanese and korean.
Im so glad my friend was understanding though. haha.

The next day was spent on me relaxing cuz my close friends all went home first.
well most of them went and including me there were 4 people left.
We spent the day swimming having lunch, slacking by the TV and starting the fire. Again.
The 2nd night we only had a few people but it was fun.
At 3.30am i followed 3 of my friends to redhouse? i guess they call the place that
but i kinda wimped out cuz seriously i'm not up into going to places that are scary..
But i swear it was fun to like kinda step in the wet grass and the heart beating when we went near to the place. Yeah sure i was scared out of my wits (and i got called a pussy) but hey. who cares, at least i stood outside haha.
After that we went to the beach and talked about ghost was fun.
I guess its fun to hang out with guys at times.

This stay over made me experience new things. Like i never had breakfast at 4.30 am, I never sang or rapped in front of people but i did. The game we played made people know my deepest secret i try to keep (not gonna say here cuz im hoping everyone was too drunk to remember my secret).
I never walked out on the streets at 3.30am and hang out with guys at all cuz im always with the girls.
I saw my classmates, whom i can really call friends now, get drunk.
and i tried suntanning...didnt get dark though lolz.

So yeah it was an awesome stay over and im already missing it.
I love my semester 2 class so much that it hurts for the fact that we are gonna change class again.
However good thing is my course is small so im sure we will meet somewhere.

Ok i wrote alot and this was my post on what happened while i was away.
Dont judge me by what i wrote, lets just say i rarely get freedom and i had fun.


Coffee at 4.30am

BBQ at 1.30am on the last night/morning

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