Monday, 25 March 2013

My thoughts on My Chemical Romance as a fan

The news on their homepage

When I finally got my ass off bed this morning
I checked through my phone that was left untouched for more than a week.
Having been overseas it took me hours to read through all my messages.
I scrolled through messages and saw something i did not want to believe.
My friends were talking about how My Chem broke up.
I thought they were joking but when i went on twitter to check what was going on,
then going to their homepage to check hoping it was just a rumour.
It was true.
My Chemical Romance had disbanded.

The first thing i felt when I read through the comments was sadness and anger.
I felt sad because i didnt give much attention to My Chem as i used to when i first heard them and started to listen to their songs again. Then as i listened, thinking how each song used to mean to me i started to feel angry.

How can this band, that saved many people including me through their music just quit with a snap of a finger?
However i stumbled upon a particular tweet that attached Gerard's letter to us,fans.

After i read it, It made me think.
 Maybe they are not ending it.
Maybe they are starting under a different name.
Maybe they will come back with ass-kicking hits again
But then i stopped for a while and thought.
I thought and thought and re-read his first paragraph.
Of how a bird flew into his house and his wife and child all ran around the house trying to get it out.
Maybe it was time he, they, my chemical romance got back to a normal life.
They made the band to save themselves that in turn saved us.
Now that they had a family and have been saved, shouldnt they spend more time with them?
Being on the roads all the time, creating music is never easy with a family.
Also, inspirations to create such music like theirs takes time and cant be forced.
Maybe they will be back someday, maybe they wont.
 But its okay to me because he chose this and this was how he wanted it to be.

With that said, I should look back too shouldnt I? On how i got to like MCR...its been a while since i did this.

I remember it was in 2005, i was watching MTV Asia and they played videos from 2-5pm (unlike now where they just show crappy variety shows and dramas and no music videos at all, no offence ).
I was eating my lunch when i Helena came on. I became curious about them. Why was the lead singer wearing makeup? What did the video mean? What did the words mean? I being 11 was all curious and went online to find their music and started listening to them.
The first album i heard from them. Three cheers for sweet revenge was their 2nd album.

As days passed, so did my love for their music and  many others. My chemical romance introduced me to a genre i have barely heard. Alternative rock that soon changed to punk-rock and after that post-hardcore music.

In 2006, was the year they saved me. I was 12, my relation with my parents were terrible, i was always scolded and we always fought. Especially my mom and I. Almost everyday I'd be slamming doors and turning up the music on my stereo crying my eyes out. School was stressful because i had to go through my first major exam and my grades was terrible. With such grades, i couldnt get into the school i wanted.
Though now i think back, i was really silly when i was 12. However i guess, the 12 year old me just couldnt stand everything around her. Being alone, with no one to talk to, the insecurities she had, the insults she got from people around her, the lack of confidence and the constant battle between herself and her inner thoughts. It drove her up the wall.
 But then everything disappeared when I listened to My chem.

That year, they released the black parade. I remember being in Japan and went to buy it straight away when it was released.
When i came back from my trip to japan i heard it everyday and honestly that album was amazing.

From 12 i turned 13 and i somehow matured in a way, i learnt to manage my emotions. I learnt to hide how i felt. I learnt to turn to music when needed and to My Chem when i really felt crap.

Finally at the age of 13, they came to my country. Without a second thought, i jumped to grab my ticket and went to the concert (with my best friend and my mum...she didnt want me to go alone and well she somewhat liked them too)
Their concert was amazing. The black parade. They played all my fave songs.
All i thought as i saw them from afar (As my seat was quite far back) was their here.
They were here performing in front of me, the people i heard and only watched on TV was there.
In that one concert i experienced what a concert was. How i was not the only one who loved this band and how amazing they were on stage.
I sang and jumped to my hearts content only to suffer from a muscle ache the next day.
Taken from my was nice to look through it again haha

As i grew up, my taste in music grew as well.
Having heard 'heavy' music for most of my early days, i started listening to more mellow songs.
After the long tour with the black parade, MCR took a long break as well.
They got married and had children.
I, as a fan was happy but also i started to slip out from the rock scene as well.

Then they came back with Danger Days in 2010.

Their danger days picture. 

The music was entirely different. They grew up as did I. Their songs were filled with more passion and they werent dark anymore. It felt that they tore off their mask and were themselves on that album.
Their signature swears in songs are definately in there but you can hear their voices through that one album.

Looking back after finding out they were disbanding, i am happy to have been and will always be a fan of MCR.
I may not be a hardcore fan as i used to be when i first heard them but i still love them and are thankful for them. I can honestly say they helped me grow up. They were like the parents that cared for me during my darkest hour.

I will always love and appreciate the work of My Chem.
Thank you for always creating amazing music.


My most fave picture of theirs. During their Helena days. 

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