Sunday, 31 March 2013

Travel Diary: Day 4

A beautiful start to day 4 in perth

The underside of the bridge on my way to harbourtown 

Huge shoe outside the shoe store

Carrousel Shopping Centre 

Had thai food for dinner

Shopping Haul

Day 4, Monday
The day started out great again and this was the day i ever shopped so much in my whole life. 
Not just overseas but ever in my whole life.
I tend to always stop and think before buying things and give myself at least 10 reasons before buying it. 
therefore it was a big surprise to me to have bought so much. 
Harbourtown has all the factory outlets to the famous stores there and i must say the Esprit jeans are cheaper there then here. (even when converted because theres a 15% discount on jeans)
I definately found my faverite store. JayJays . They sold the utmost interesting accessories i've came upon. 
After that we went to carousel shopping center, 
where i bought my itouch cover (which was rare to find one with a nice design so i immediately though it was pink -_-)
That day was eventful but i will not write it up here because it would take a long time to explain what happened. Long story short, my grandma and grandaunt thought they were gonna be locked up when men with barriers came around and they panicked. 
The rest you can figure what happened..
After that we settled to eat in a thai restaurant. It was okay for me but i enjoyed eating the green curry. 
I was super beat that day but i ended that night sitting outside the house enjoying the cool night breeze while drinking baileys. It was a tiring day but an awesome night. 

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