Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Travel diary: Day 1 of Perth

So, I was away to Australia for the past 10days to visit my relatives and for a short getaway. 
This trip was different because firstly, It was my first time going to Perth nor Australia for a matter of fact. Secondly, I went there not with my parents but my aunt's family, my grandma and grandaunts. 
While i was there, i made little notes with the pictures i took.
So, in my posts to come, it'll sort of be like a travel diary of my trip to Perth. 

Day 1 

Terminal 3 of Changi Airport, was waiting for a while here
Plane ticket... 
Where i was flying to, 4 hours into the flight.

Reached perth at 6.45am, it was 19 degrees then. 
 I was pretty much jet-lagged cuz it has been a while since i last took a plane.

the beautiful skies 

The 2 shops I visited. 
-Chemist warehouse
-Big W (Which have soon became my favorite place to shop)

The sunset of that day from the car

Day 1 (Thursday-Friday)
 Overall was me being awed by every single thing around. 
The skies were clear, the air was fresh and the land was huge.
There weren't any tall buildings and it was nice to be somewhere different. 
I also met my aunt and uncle and my cousin whom i have never met before. 
It was really awkward at first. 
For dinner, i got to eat snow crab. It was delicious.
However as i was pretty tired from the flight because i didnt get to sleep a wink on the plane. 
I crashed immediately that night. 

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