Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Travel Diary : Day 2

Cool breeze, morning 9am.

Went to the wholesale market where the fruits were extremely cheap.
[$20 for a box of pears!]

This oriental grocery shop we stopped by was interesting. 
They sold everything asian here and the nasi lemak here tastes awesome. 
Stopped by another mall, and there is my grandaunt who's house i stayed over at.

Had lunch at a chinese restaurant called "happy union restaurant"

Lobster as the main dish of the day..

A street we passed on out way to Freemantle

A catholic church that stood near to the Freemantle Weekend Market.

My Heaven: Coffee of all kinds, needed willpower to not buy at least half the the coffees there. 

Day 2, Saturday
We started out early as my aunt wanted to bring me to the wholesale market. 
Though it was not as busy and bustling as the markets here in Singapore, the atmosphere there was similar.
In their own stalls, people were yelling prices and the sale of the day. 
We visited an Oriental Grocery Shop just down the road where the nasi lemak was delicious. 
Right after we dropped the fruits and groceries back at our house, we made our way to Fremantle. 
We stopped by a memorial hill where the view was amazing. I stood on the hill just admiring the view and its breeze for a while as my grandma waited in the car. 
The view was breathtaking and its something you can never see here in my country.
After visiting the memorial, we went to the Freemantle market that reminded me of my trip to bangkok and the chatunchak market. 
Busy and bustling with people, they sold a whole range of things. 
From souveniers to plates, to fruits to cheese. 
Not to mention coffee and tea as well. 
I wanted to buy a whole lot of coffee beans back home but i restricted myself to only 3 kinds which i kind of regret now. I should have bought more. 
After that we went to take a look at "E shopping" that was pretty much empty but it had a nice view from the food court. 
For dinner, i went to my uncle's house where he cooked us a meal and we ate in his backyard. 
That was when i noticed how wide the night sky was. 
I regretted not bringing my constellation map because the night sky there was beautiful. 
It was wide like the sea and stars decorated the night like a picture on a never ending canvas. 

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