Saturday, 9 March 2013

An update of what i've been doing..

Where i actually stood for the first time but eventually was pushed quite far back after the concert started.

Long time no post!
Yes, i know im supposed to blog about my experience from All Time Low.
Well, lets just say that night was a blur.
Its as blur as when i got drunk after dunking down 3 cups of sake and 3 cups of jack daniels.
So i needed a little time out before doing this post.. haha..

It was Friggin awesome!
Cuz lets see,
it was my first concert whereby it was free standing like no barriers to divide you,
it was my first concert where i stood next to a mini moshpit.. ( i  have  NEVER seen a moshpit in any concerts i've been to..though most have been rock concerts...ok maybe there was a mosh during 'my chemical romance' but i was too far to see it.)
Also, i got to see and listen to the group i always wished to watch...

Sigh, something i really gotta type out is...i'm really getting too old for this shit.
I went to queue 4 hours before the concert( thanks to my enthusiastic friend)
and really, many of the fans were younger then me, full of energy and very...VERY hardcore.
i'm all like " yeah im here to see all time low!"
then i got all nervous because the people around me remember every single word of their songs and i dont really know cuz i kinda slipped away after their 'nothing personal' album.
This was when i thought...omg i really should not go to such concerts anymore..this makes me look like a fake in their eyes.
But honestly, i really love their music and just wanted to see them live.. isnt that enough?
Also, it was my first time rocking among so many people and i must say its kinda harsh cuz at some point you really cant breathe.
Not to mention, i think there was a technical difficulty, and i couldnt really hear alex's voice well...which was something i was looking forward to.
what i was listening/doing 4hrs before the concert..jinseiXboku= plus drinking loads of water..

overall i enjoyed myself.
weightless, dear maria count me in, time bomb, for baltimore, damned if i do ya, damned if i dont,  coffee shop soundtrack, jasey rae and of course. Lost in stereo.They played loads of my fave songs..
I loved lost in stereo the most, you have no idea how much i rocked to that song...or tried to...hee.

Overall, It was another new and an awesome concert experience as always, but this would probably the last time i might go watch a band perform...unless 'the used' comes..then i will risk my bones to go watch them.

On another note...
While i was at the concert, i saw people wearing 'pierce the veil' shirts (which was ironic cuz it was all time low but...,i wont go there...) and i heard them talking about 'pierce the veil'. so i decided to go listen to them.
[Don't kill me but i honestly thought Pierce the veil was black veil brides and vice versa...i seriously been out of the hardrock/rock/alternative scene for too long]
I must say, its refreshing to listen to this kind of songs again. I've been listening to Memphis may fire (only to know on the day itself , they ACTUALLY had a live here in singapore the day after all time low. fml.) and from there i slowly started to listen to other bands that were recommended at the sides of the youtube video.
However, i think i still like J-rock//indie more these days...argh i think im getting old (nuuuuuuuuu)
Love the artwork of this album and the songs are not bad..

Ah well, oh yes, cuz i was determined to rot my days till i leave this place in 4 days time, i started to translate audio clips and interesting interview cuts of one ok rock to kill time.
So yeah i've been busy-ing myself with translations (which i must say have been a huge hit, cuz my followers on tumblr doubled over time O-O) , youtube videos and experimenting  the taste of different coffees...

Okay thats all for today :D

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