Saturday, 30 March 2013

Travel Diary : Day 3

Beautiful day at the park.

The many ducks that waddled the pond

Domino pizza

The view from where we set up our picnic

My uncle and cousin raising a kite.

Day 3,Sunday
It was a beautiful day, sunny but windy just the right weather for a picnic. 
Before going, we picked up some stuff from a mall and bought KFC before heading to the park.
(Which name i unfortunately forgot to note as i was too immersed and relaxed at the park)
The KFC in australia are indeed delicious and different. I say its the different way the chickens are made. 
I spend almost half a day there, scooter-ing around the park, lying on the grass and feeding the ducks
My inner child days was relived and  the weather was just right!
My relatives were mostly also gathered on that day and it was nice to see the young kids run along chasing each other and playing like they should be. 
A sight on can rarely see here in singapore. 
It was nice for a change to head there to see the other side of things.
Never i thought could the skies be so wide and blue. 
Never had i breathed the fresh air with a nice wind blowing.
Never had i had a picnic in the park.
It was a fun and an all new experience for me. 

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