Monday, 25 March 2013

Goodbye holiday, Hello reality

The plane back home. 

Passed by a storm of clouds, over a sea of lands
Barely slept over the 5 hours
Welcomed back by the lights of the city
still alive but has tons of things to unpack. 

Hey all,
Got back here at 10.30pm last night!!
Been gone for almost 10days! How's everyone?
I'm practically tired and just really feel like sleeping the whole day off but i need to unpack :(
The trip to perth was amazing..more than what i expected.
The air was different, the view, the cars, the people and their accents. Everything was different!
I must say the people there are very kind especially the sales assistants. they always try to spark some little small talk and smile and ask how are you. 

I will be writing more on my trip with pictures (of course, i took tons and tons of them) in the days to come. 

Something important to mention is that i met my other family there.
my cousins, my niece, my uncles and aunties...i cant believe i am an aunt haha!
The family there was really nice and they took  care of me really really well. 
I'm really going to miss them. 

Ok since this person here is still practically jet lagged, she will end her post here today. 


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