Saturday, 1 June 2013

Back-track Saturday

Hi all!
I am sorry I missed posting Music Friday but by the time I reached home from work last night and finishing up my stuffs it was already 1am.
I had work at 9.15am this morning as well too so yeah, I've been leading a hectic life these days.

So to make up for Music Fridays,
this week I bring you Back-track Saturday whereby I shall introduce the songs I used to listen when I was young. Maybe you will feel nostalgic as well ;D


Fort Minor
A small project group that Mike Shinoda made and this song was one of my faverites when it was first released. Remember the name; I definitely did.

Linkin Park & Evanescence

I was a troubled kid and I struggled a lot to find myself and I was always angry at everything. However listening to bands like linkin park and Evanescence helped me to calm down or it helped me to release the stress that was cooped up in me. Now that I think about the days when I was listening to these songs, I realise how far I've come and how I have grown.

Maroon 5 & The Killers
These groups were my 'guilty pleasure'. I didn't like listening to such type of songs but I don't understand why these 2 groups songs kept pulling me back to listen to them over and over again.'Sunday Morning' is a song I really love because it was the song I used to listen to in sec 2 when I was down and out by a lot of things. As for 'Mr Brightside' the song slowly grew on me over the years like any other 'Killers' song.Its a type of song that is uniquely 'Killers'.

Black Eyed Peas, Chris Brown & Mario
The first CD I ever purchased myself with my chinese new year money at the age of 9 was Black Eyed Peas. It was the first ever CD in my later to come CD collection. I really loved 'where is the love' and  I remember rapping to the song when the song came on the radio..I still do though. The songs I chose from Chris Brown and Mario were the other 2 R&B song I often listened too as well. The lyrics meant a lot and rather then helping me get over my first crush it made me more miserable but still, these songs all hold a meaning to me.

Train & Goo Goo Dolls
These two songs are my all-time faverite. Often on the radio I enjoy the lyrics as they all hold meaning in each way. I wish that 'Iris' will be played on my wedding day and 'Drops of Jupiter' during my funeral. But of course I have other songs I would like to play on those two occasions but still these 2 are on the top list. It would be nice if someone sang Iris for me cuz its my all-time faverite song. Such a dream I have. Haha.

Ok so with that I will end this post.

Have a good Weekend!!
As for me I'll be working on Sunday as well so..haha...

Cheers Then!

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