Saturday, 8 June 2013

Just a small little Rant and my may playlist

Just gonna write something that I have been wanting to get off my chest for a while.
As normal human beings we LOVE to judge.
By the clothes people wear, the way they speak, the way the act.
We would judge every single move. Some may be a good judgement some may not.
We take one look at the person and just think that he/she is just like that.

I am guilty of judging others but these days I have tried my best to stop.
Because I know in return I am being judged too.
But one thing I can't stand is how people judge others by the music they listen to.
I mean okay, I know there are people that HATES kpop.
But just because this person listens to Kpop does not mean that the person is a bitch or something.
Or like their some obsessive fanatics or worse still a brainless bimbo.
Music is universal. Kpop is just a type of music that is sung in korean.
Their Taylor swift is like Juniel.
Their Backstreet Boys are like shinhwa.
Their Bon Jovi is like Boohwal.
Same type of music just different language.
So why the hatred?

There was a certain period of time I didnt dare to tell people the type of music I listen to
because I knew I would be said against.
Heck I was one of the people that was strongly against Kpop music.
But then one day I stopped and think. Why do I hate their music?
Is it because my friends hate it?
Is it cuz it makes me look like a weakling and a girl?
Am I really gonna let people's perceptions get in the way of the songs I listen to?

One thing I learnt growing up and listening to music is
its the Lyrics and the songs that makes up what music is.
Yes I may not understand german or korean but the song's melody is what gets to me.
I have grown up listening to english songs and sometimes I get sick of it.
So when I heard Big bang's Lies. Things changed.
I was like " what is this? Korean? I didn't know korean music is like this"
Listening to other types of music broadens borders.
I used to only stick to alternative music until one day I heard kpop.
I honestly at first felt ashamed cuz it was the type of music I looked down upon.
But when I look back i think..Why did I look down on Kpop?
I mean their songs too. No difference. If you don't like some of their songs then just ignore it.
Korean music is not only revolved around SNSD and Shinee and all those 'Idol groups'
There are really some good indie groups and rappers behind that whole scene!
You just need to open yourself up and explore.

Recently I was talking to a group of friends and I let them see the songs I listen to
and they were like " You listen to Zedd and calvin harris?!"
and I asked" What do I look like I listen to?"
and they were like" Jrock"
Well yes I do listen to Jrock but it dosent mean I just stop there.
I just really love exploring the music out there.

Overall my message today is just dont go hating on music.
If you hate this genre or language then don't listen to it.
Don't go telling or like showing people that their doing a crime listening to those songs you disagree with.
Its not a crime to listen to justin bieber/one direction or kpop.
I mean I don't go around telling others their stupid cuz they support JB just because I am against listening to JB.
And I would also like to encourage you all to try and listen to songs from the type of genre you hate.
Explore it a little. Don't just stick to one genre. and if you hate it. Keep it to yourself.
If you can't stand it then complain to your best friends at most. (Friends who agree with you..don't go fighting about who's playlist is better than the others)

Beneath all this random rant I hope you guys got my message.
Anyways, have a great weekend

Cheers :)

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