Monday, 3 June 2013

Pictures Pictures PICTURES!

Distorted Images

The one who's on diet this week
The one who's finally getting a rest
The one who seriously needs to start studying

Olla amigos!
A short update on how I have been living.

Well, I have been working for 4 days straight the last week and I must say its very draining.
Having to wake up early though its the holidays was tough.
But I enjoyed my days at the office and the expo.
However as I was always tired after work I havent been able to start making my notes.

Today was not a productive day either as I just kept watching shows that I have missed since school started. Pfft.

Anyways, I had an enjoyable weekend because of my buddy ker whom I asked to work with me at the event.
On Saturday after work, we went to devour some korean BBQ after walking around city square mall
thinking of what we should eat.
Eventually we settled at this place Gangnam Garden.
Its a nice and cosy place but the choice of meat was limited as compared to 2days1night
However I still enjoyed my meal thanks to the animated chats I had with ker.

Sunday was not different expect I had to drag myself over to City Square Mall and I was shocked on how people get up early just to go to town.

Apart from work I have been shopping online as well.
My haul from Cotton On came in last week and I'm happy with my buys.
As it is currently the GSS season, I am itching to buy somemore
however, I need to wait till my pay gets in *insert sigh here*

I guess thats all I have been doing and I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Cheers :)

[P.s Do ask me questions on!! I'll be more than happy to answer them!! Also if you havent tried this, try it!! Its fun to get questions from people and answering them!! ^^]

A book I've been trying to finish, Its really not bad,
but I just need to find the time to read it. 
Played some old-school monopoly with ma friends
Tonight's dinner to mark the start of a healthy diet week.

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