Sunday, 23 June 2013

You only get to live your age once.

Theres so many things I want to do..
I've recently been listening to 'millionaires' by the script and the song itself tells to just enjoy yourself and live life the way you want it (thats my interpretation though)
It then made me realise that though this word YOLO has been used a million times by people as a trend its true that you only live once.

But to me, rather than the fact that you only live once, its more of  "you only go through this stage of life once".

Honestly I've been thinking alot.
A whole lot cuz I realised I am turning 19 soon (Didnt expect it to be so fast felt like my birthday was 6 months away) 
What have I done over the past 18 years that could make me say "I'm living my age"?
None really. 

One reason I couldnt live my "age" was because of the restrictions I had from my parents. 
Since young I was really restricted in my actions and I guess that made me a kind of an 'indoor kid'.
Whereby I lost intrest in actually having a life. 
Going out with friends felt tiring even going shopping with my parents was a bore. 
Nothing interested me, I'd rather stay at home and just watch TV. 
That was until last year when I moved up a stage to a new school life and realized that there were many things to do out there and really, I've been missing a lot. 

I've never really acted my age. While my friends were attending sleepover parties at the age of 9 and 10, I was helping my dad to do deliveries around singapore or reading a book at home. 
I never really went out with my friends alone (like shopping or playing outdoors with them over the weekends) until the age of 13. (Impossible right) 
And I felt that..that life was normal. However it slowly turned me into an introvert who's only comfortable in an environment with familiar people. Therefore it is always hard for me to talk to others first and make friends. 

There are many things you can go through at a particular age and i missed almost every single one of them and I truly regret not rebelling against my parents. However I guess when I was younger, it did not matter to me. I did not realize what I was missing.

But i guess it could be because in the past, if I had a book and my favorite music on my stereo, life was good. I went to school and came home just in time for my TV programme (And yes I did remember the whole schedule till today.) Not to mention though my parents were strict with me going out but they surprisingly allowed me to go for concerts. So till this day, I have been to about 5-6 concerts. 

And I must say there are things that I have cancelled off my 'to-do' list after I got some freedom from my parents when I turned 18 last year. Like going for class chalets and getting drunk. Of course there are somethings they don't know I do. 
But after all those things I did, it made me realized how much I have missed in my teen years. If i had rebelled against them in the past would have things changed? Would i be better outside my comfort zone? Would I have been more confident of myself? Or just living life the way I did the best?
I don't know. 

Maybe in the next post I'll talk of the things I wanted to do and why I regret a handful of things. 


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  1. The night is still young! You can make up for those moments you've missed! :)
    cherish the young night!!!