Monday, 18 February 2013

Chingay Through my eyes

The city at sunset

The moon is excited to see the 1st full dress rehearsals as well

Rehearsals starting as the sun sets.

The moon shining brightly atop spotlights that gives a hazy feel

A highlight of the show during the opera performance

Students enjoying themselves though the rehearsals are long and tiring 

School volunteers waiting for instructions

Spotlights shine brightest on the performers

Fire that reflects against the graceful dancers

A dramatic feel as the tai chi sword performers  standby 

The electronically lit dragon that captures many attention 

The blue sea
Singapore Flyer

Snow filling the pit building 
The source of the 'snow'
The moon among the 'snow'.

The moon shining brightly against the flyer 

Waiting for rehearsals to start. 
My energy buddy ah bian who went around interviewing with me

Ah bian enjoying the 'snow' like a teenager should.

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