Friday, 22 February 2013

About a TV and Tests

I have an awesome awesome AWESOME news to share today.
For all those people who loves Japanese variety shows like Music station and just ALL THINGS JAPANESE!
Good news!
There will be a new channel on starhub cable TV that is catered for the Japanese! (SCORE!)

Being half japanese and a drama/variety show lover I was so happy when i read the news yesterday.
It will start on February 25 (which is like in 3 days! Yay) and will be 24/7!!
You have no idea how happy I am, it is like my most wanted wish come true!!
I bet i will be lifeless and a couch potato during the holidays, watching show after show on TV.

Not like KBS, Mnet and One is enough to make me rush home to watch their programmes.
[My life totally revolves around Tv and I probably will be screwed when the holidays start]

So yea, look out for this channel guys!!

As for my day today, I took my Media and Society test today
and whoo was it very...confusing.
This module never asks directly from the 6P and I always end up racking my brains for answer.
I just hope I will pass this module.
Next to Cognitive. Okay dont get me started on cognitive or I'll go Ninja on ya.

Well, im done for the day~


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