Saturday, 23 February 2013

Of my fave J-rock band. One Ok Rock

Hello World~~

So today,
apart from running around doing chores and go hunting for a new fridge
(cuz my dearest fridge has finally grew tired after 10years and started to break down)
I have finally watched One Ok Rock's Yokohama Arena Tour.
It was Freaking Amazing!!

Back story on how my love for One Ok Rock (OOR),
I came across them in 2008 or 2009 and loved their songs
after hearing 'Answer is Near'.
After all my buzz for them died because I didnt have anyone to spazz with then and i didnt own
a tumblr so eventually i started to loose track of their works.
However last year, i met this friend who loved all things Japanese and she told me OOR was coming to Singapore.
I thought well, why not go to their concert?
Its been a while since i last went for a rock concert and i used to like them plus their Japanese so i should go. And i went.

Some pictures I took at the amazing concert i went to

Ho-my-gosh was all i thought when i went for their live. It was friggin amazing.
Their songs were cool enough on records but LIVE they were mind-blowing.
annnndddd eventually i fell in love with the drummer (dont we all love drummers? No? well its just me i guess)
Taka,Toru,Ryota and Tomoya.
Their powerful performance and the fact that the venue was not that big made the live EVEN better.
Nobody would've understand how i felt until they went for their live and i really encourage you all to watch them live. If you cant DO listen to their songs then watch their live.

Left-Right: Tomoya(Dru), Ryota(Bas),Toru(Gui),Taka(Voc)

Some of my favorite songs from them is "Nobody's Home", "Answer is Near" and "Kaimu".
As i said...its just some..
However they recently released a new single and i like the track "Nothing Helps" from them as well.
That song by the way is in english so you can check it out :D

Back to Yokohama Arena Tour DVD.
 It was amazing because all their live performances was in it and there was a documentary to accompany it.
They are so grounded, funny, heartwarming and you know, they are just themselves.
You can see how the band is everything to them.
Because of them i scratched the idea of backpacking in Japan to just watching all the summer festivals in Japan.
 Hope that wish comes true cause i will need a lot of money and permission from my parents.
Haha. But i am determined to fulfill it after i graduate from Poly so yeapz.
Until then I am studying hard to read Japanese (cuz i can speak fluently but just last year started to learn to read and write Japanese..blame the fact that i had to learn chinese for 17 years)

Okay wow this post was long. Haha.
Sorry to have made you read so much but i really encourage you all to check out One Ok Rock if you havent heard them.

Rock On and Cheers.

[P.s the 2 videos below are my fave performances from them. Enjoy. Found ones with English Subs for you guys. ]

Nobody's Home Live from BUDOKAN

Kaimu Live from Budokan

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