Saturday, 2 July 2016

The Spirit of Youths


We run. We chase our dreams.

We can’t sit still. We want to try everything.

We want to experience fireworks. We want the feeling of adrenaline.

We don’t want anyone holding us down.

We fight. We fight to release these emotions of hate. Emotions we can’t control.

We find love. To replace the feeling the loneliness we want to forget.

We laugh. We smile. We drink. We smoke. To find ourselves. To find who we are.

We try. We fall. We pick ourselves up. That’s how we learn.

We do things we are told not to do.

We want to be free from the chains. The shackles. The responsibilities.

We want to be free. To ride into the sunset and feel the wind in our hair.

We want to feel reborn. We want to feel new. We want to venture roads we never traveled before.

Ambitious with spirit. Ambitious without a thought. What we want, we will achieve.

Don’t hold us down, because we are who we are. No one can control us.

No one can calm this heart that beats for freedom.

We are young. We are the youths and we want to be free forever. 

~Was listening to a song and was inspired  to write this. If only songs inspired me to churn essays..
Ironically as well...It's youth day tomorrow....I want to go back to my youth too~ 

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