Saturday, 30 July 2016


Credit: As stated in picture 

I work myself again today. 
Push myself through the boundaries i believe that will make me a better person 
Friends and family let me know i'm not alone. 
Words of support. Words of help. Words that get me through this hell. 
It goes through my left and out through my right 
As I struggle to keep my ideas alive at night. 

Isn't it weird I write the best after midnight 
When everyone's asleep exhausted by the day's fight
I keep myself awake with this coffee I make
Try to pull myself through tonight and hope I get some sleep at least till nine. 

Pushing and Pushing till I achieve the right words.
Writing and erasing until I achieve what I call perfection 
The essays and exams wont write itself 
and i sure as well can bullshit well but these days not matter how many days I give myself, 
I still can't write the words of satisfaction that can fill myself 

Breathe in and out 
This poisonous smoke that smells
This poison of a stick that maybe resembles hell
Killing my lungs but at least it helps me out 
Getting my thoughts sorted
Getting me to think of words that at least attains a score
Why judge me on grades that i get from this hell 
Can't you just judge for who I am and what i can do well? 

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