Saturday, 25 June 2016

What's on repeat on my playlist?

Hello my lovely readers,
It has been a while since I did a post related to music haven't I?
So recently, ok maybe not so recently but ever since March, I've subscribed to Spotify and've been listening to all my music there. And I must say thought it is limited in some ways, cuz I can't find certain music there, it is still a good option to listen to the majority of music out there.

So, today i'm going to  introduce a few songs I've been hooked recently or for a while. Recently, I've been hooked on 2 major things. BTS (Bangtan Sonyeondan) and J-hip hop. So if you look at the list there is quite a few j-hip hop. Now, I admit, I didn't know much about the japanese hip hop scene until I stumbled onto the playlist 'Tokyo Super Hits" on Spotify. My japanese hip hop knowledge is really small and the names I can throw at you that I knew from young are m-flo, terriyaki boyz and Beni K (if they count as hip hop). So you have no idea how happy and hyped I was to discover this new world.

I guess I'll do another post soon to explain more about the songs and why I got hooked to them and maybe just one whole post on BTS haha. But for now, I'll leave you guys with the 10 songs thats only replay on my playlist for months.


1. BTS- Whaelien 52

2. Rapmonster - Awakening 
 Rapmonster, leader of BTS is someone that is really growing on me. This song's lyrics is also really powerful as it shows his stance, his inner battle and what he's going/been through and I really admire him. If you listen to his other songs, you can see how much he voices his thoughts out. 

3. Taka (One Ok Rock) - Pillowtalk (Zayne Cover)
 Sadly I can't embed the video of this song but this is one song that was released a few days ago that reminded me how beautiful Taka's voice is. Furthermore, I think Taka's english improved again! Atta boy! 

4. Issues - Home Soon
Issues, no list can go without issues. Digging their new album alot and like Taka, Tyler's unique voice just draws me in. 

 5. Sia - Cheap Thrills
I often get sick of mainstream music because it keeps playing on the radio to the point where you started liking the song but hate it because all you hear is that song all day. However, I really like cheap thrills and thought im not a Sia fan, something about this song just lets me not grow sick of it. 


6. Tupac -Life Goes On
Recently, as well, I started digging my old mp3 (which took me a super long time to revive and retrieve its music) and immersed myself  with songs I used to listen and I came across this. Thought I needed to share because, this was one song from Tupac I really liked. 

 7. Justin Timberlake- Can't Stop the feeling

 8. Denpa Girl ft. Jinmenusagi, NIHA-C - Complex Remix
Denpa Girl, I really really liked their song OVERDOSE, but I couldn't find it on youtube, so if you dig this song, find them on Spotify and listen to OVERDOSE! ft. Niha-C, its the song that got me into them. I remember them from MTV when they were on this jap corner program of 'up and rising stars' and I remember thinking they were not bad. Well, all I can say is I am glad I came across them again. 

9. Ken the 390 - Heylas
HEYLAS!! honestly at first I thought they were saying haters, but hey we never know, when I listened to the song clearly, haters seemed more of an appropriate word but, really liked the beat the rap and this song really got me thinking like 'japanese rap is not that bad!' 

 10. Norikiyo S.O.S ~Sadness of Street~

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