Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Losing to the darkest thoughts in your mind

Just like the weather, everything comes and goes in life.
People, work, school.
What stays permanent I'll never know.

They set rules on me to what I should do and not do 

We get told to be strong
We get told to not be wrong
We get told to always be proper
We get told to be ourselves.

What is strong, what is wrong
what is proper, what's ' find yourself'
Why should we listen to these rules when you end up all by yourself  

When we fall we got pick ourselves up
When we cry we go to hide to patch ourselves up
Dont you see that we will always be alone
in this long road, long nights, lonely home, lonely life
we were born alone, we live alone and then we die alone.
Think people cared? not really
Think people love you? not really
Think you got everything in the world in that hands of yours?
Think again cuz you know deep down, there's nothing you really got

Look in the mirror
Reflection getting nearer
Is that me
Is that who I think it is
Is that me or is that just a reflection of self-pity

Holding up breathless
Breathing through dark waters
Can't keep my head up high
I'm losing consciousness
Every minute when I breathe pain comes from within
Every minute I rethink of ways I can fade away

- I think my mind at night works in the most dangerous ways. These days, when I look into the notes where I write thoughts down, I realize the things I've been writing are getting too dark for my own good. Hoping things get better as times passes I guess.

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